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Omananda's 7 Power Principles to FREE yourself completely

Make your life a success story & thrive in freedom, express your passions, and manifest your dreams! 

Most of us don’t act on what we know out of fear of the unknown. Knowing something but failing to act on it due to fear is not genius. Bondage is not freedom. Doing what we must is not always easy, but it's necessary for making our life a success story! These 7 Power Principles will inspire you to move forward with courage and love. 

What's included in this pdf

Finding your real purpose in life and living it too is one of the most magical things you don’t want to miss while being alive. But how do you get it just right? Some of what you'll learn might surprise you, because applying what you intuitively know is much simpler than you might think.
If you have an itch, scratch it! If you have a dream of doing something out of the ordinary, go for it! This PDF will encourage you to do just that.
Freedom is a state of mind. Not being forced to think about anything is freedom. Freedom from interpretation! Never mind what matters most. Love is here to stay; no fade away  😉
The one who avoids conflict to keep the peace starts a war inside himself. Freedom is all about not having to mentally process. So, letting go, pushing through worries and fears, and having the courage to awaken changes you irreversibly. It's the inevitable change we can try to push away, but the program inside all of us is like a clock that's ticking. One day you'll be ready, but you can make that day today. Why wait and suffer the consequences of indecision and ignorance any longer?
Change is the only constant, but lasting change occurs with a change of identity!

You have to do what you must!

Trying your best is often not good enough

We do what we can, and we do what we have been taught or told. But when we do what we must, we really progress in our lives as human beings. Why?

Because doing what you can and trying your best never gets you the price that feels like every moment of your life is a gem worth living, added on top of another. When you don't look at the watch, wondering when the shift is over and time disappears, you are on the right track!

Losing your lifetime as a trade-off for paychecks can feel like a waste of time. Time, we can't replenish!


Using your lifetime in the best possible way, which is to manifest your dream-life is a task you can't push away any longer! So, begin NOW.

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