FREEDOM comes with responsibility

FREEDOM comes with responsibility. Being free means something else for everyone. For some people it means traveling the world, for others to sell their house, many people think they will be free when they are rich and for REAL yogis it’s to be naked in the forest. For me, it means I can choose what to do with my lifetime that is THE most valuable resource. However, our desires are often clouded and not that pure since most of us are conditioned and influenced to think and feel in certain ways that might be very misleading and not freeing at all.
So, now that you know FREEDOM comes with responsibility to choose wisely what to do with your time, what would you like to really choose for yourself if there were no limits to your creative powers? What kind of world would you create, because as we imagine, so it is!

The photo was taken in Indonesia while exploring the Togian islands in Sulawesi. We were traveling with those (scuba diving) boats and I was diving in Una Una. This was so beyond words and very well-chosen. I recommend to choose with your heart, with love, Omananda