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Liquid Crystal Vision is the epic cult movie William Rood & Omananda created in 2001. Watch this Omananda Production for free & (you can) support the artists by getting the DVD.

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This Sundance Film was produced by Omananda & Xochipilli in 2007

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The following Omananda Music Video was created in Mexico in 2007. Production from visualization until completion took one week. All film-processes, from scripting directing, cinematography, editing, effects, and final mastering: Omananda. Music & acting: Herbert Quinteros.

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2019/20 Short Interview with a high ranking monk in the Dhammakaya Temple

2018 Short Interview with Guruji Sri Vast in a collaboration with

2004 Omananda Production (DVD): "Templayed - Healing through Temple Visuals"

Omananda Music Video with music by Scott Huckabay that's part of "Templayed"

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Omananda Interview with Guruji Sri Vast in collaboration with Editing, Camera, Direction, Concept & Execution:

The Temple of Honor at Burning Man was edited into a music video by Omananda.
Cinematography, Editing, Effects,

Mystical Frequency, a series of 5 short films, was screened at the Boom Festival 2012. Production: Omananda with visuals by El Geko. Freely watch all episodes on this website.

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