Omananda has produced Films & Live Shows since 1999

Aleia Omananda Music Video made in Vancouver Island in 2022

Crowd Campaign funding movie co-produced between Jorden River & Omananda, 2022

World Peace Day Unify Transmission, edited by Omananda, 2022

Crystal Bowl Gene-Code Sound & Light Meditation, edited by Omananda

Liquid Crystal Vision is the epic cult movie William Rood & Omananda co-produced. 2002

Unify World Peace Day Movie, Omananda, 2022

Omananda (Ayahuasca-Simulation) Video “Shamanicumpari” made in Mexico, 2007

“Huichol Peyote Culture”, Omananda, 2012

Short Interview with a high ranking monk in the Dhammakaya Temple 2019/20​, Omananda

Short Interview with Guruji Sri Vast, 2018, Omananda

Music Video – Goatika Live at the Boom Festival, 2012, Omananda

Omananda Music Video with music by Scott Huckabay that’s part of “Templayed”​

Live Visuals by Omananda with Live Set by IAwake

Omananda filmed Phadriod and Vj’d it with Martin Stebbing Graphics (now Lumi You Khan)

“Temple of Honor” music video by Omananda

This Spanish Omananda  film helped to push back the billion dollar Canadian mining company First Majestic Silver Corp (Bonanza).  that was in direct violation of the environmental law in Mexico, 2011​

Spanish Sundance Film (with subs) produced by Omananda & Xochipilli, in 2007​

“The Mirror” Performance ART by Iselin Bruff, with visuals by Omananda. Film: Omananda

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