Fast Forward – The Future

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Random access memory… Who and where am I? What is life all about, and where are we headed? Philosophizing seems pointless when life’s everlasting ups and downs hardly ever stop. I’m taking a deep breather, like whales diving into the deep (the ocean of timelessness) just to resurface to observe human beings hunting ruthlessly for everlasting life ‘til the last exhalation is exchanged for machine-like perfection of silicon and crystal life-forms that shall replace carbon-based spirit-beings until extinction, to make space in an error-less, madly driven, loveless world? I revolt with all my being, and what about you? Hanging in there, waiting to see what comes next? What is here and now to access? Let’s have a closer look at where and who we truly are.

Once upon a time, there was no time, and in that moment, eternity struck as the seed of consciousness, with all possibilities and solutions ever-present, blissful, and everlasting—forever! I know it might seem a bit over-conceptual to talk about that and possibly overwhelming because no words or thoughts can describe or grasp what is and what is not “real. However, we can all feel what no machine can calculate or be programmed with!

The mystical experience must be remembered or consciously lived. But how can one live consciously with that which is not graspable by the mind? I can give you a hint.

Death unveils the illusion of separation, and the heart knows no other. By going back to the source from where we all originated, illumination is unavoidable. The encoded memory lives inside us, and it is centered in the star-core inside our heart-cave. When we focus during meditation, which can become a conscious awareness accessible with preliminary daily practice, a harmonic balance that radiates from deep within us—the toroidal energy field—nurtures us.

In an AI-controlled future, there is no space for love. Without love, we are like a desert, a dry, calculable mind without a soul. This AI-controlled future that a few old (and financially very influential) maggots, who have misinterpreted reality in their favor, want to create does not include the human heart. I just say, World Economic Forum, YIKES! What they deliciously package as the future for humanity is not worth living (in my humble opinion), and it’s not connected to the dream we all carry in our hearts—the dream that is also connected to the source of all being—the dream of paradise.

Therefore, all conscious human beings must come together from within themselves now to work harmoniously on creating what we know is the only way forward into a future worth living. The option of an AI-controlled reality is not a sustainable option, even though some good things could come from a zillion satellites shot up into the sky other than garbage, you might think.

I’m suspicious about what the real intention behind the technological revolution is. Is it in favor of all living beings on Earth to have us blasted by unnecessary artificial radiation and waves that are not in sync with the planetary frequency? Is it power, control, and further ruthless exploitation—for sale and profit? Everyone should question the intentions of a capitalist’s wet dream. Careless human beings who try to assume power over others—the entire planet—must be confronted, not only with questions and laws but with common sense, kindness, compassion, and empathy.

When parts of the community go astray, far off the path that brings harmonic balance to this planet that is still blue and full of water and life, we must act on protecting her—our home—with whatever it takes! It’s not too late yet to turn the tide.

Prophecies, psychics, elders, the Indigenous, the seers, the wise, grandmothers, and children have all warned us of this scenario unfolding: of a beast, a hellish creature, rising to power and then falling before the light of the ONE resurfaces with the dawning of the golden age.

We are all so connected, and it’s very clear to me that when we visualize and act on our dreams, we also manifest them as a collective, so I encourage everyone, including myself and others, all brothers and sisters of all creeds, ages, and colors, lovers, and light workers, to come together now, as one, and unite in the light of the Almighty.

It is during the calm before the storm that we hear the bells of heaven, so listen carefully, my friend, with your heart, and you shall perceive within your mind’s eye the truth that lies before you, the path we need to walk together that bridges the worlds for the enlightened future self, a thought-word-action wisdom channel inspired by a golden silence.

Yes, I encourage you to be brave, to be strong, to remember who you truly are, and to act on that without compromise. Be the love, share the love, and carry it into your ever-present harmonious love life, and in this perfect sense, all is well and sound… and always has been and always will be, but we need you now to be fully present to step into the circle of life without artificial intelligence! Awaken the diamond heart within yourself and act from it with love and light.

Forever now…

Who am I?

I was named by my parents, who called me Torsten, simply because Thomas was already taken. Thomas was born shortly before me. He opened his curious eyes, as any child does, to his parents, who naturally loved him very much. Our parents were friends for decades to come, and I remember Uncle Hanyo from the days I had to wake him up after long nights of festivities that our young parents spent partying with alcohol. I can still hear my mom’s laughter so loud that I cannot sleep. They were all naked in the morning, and waking up Hanyo was not an easy feat. He slept so deeply, so unconscious!

As a child, time seemed to go very slowly. When I grew up, everyone called me “little angel. It took awhile for me to identify with the concept, and at one point, when I sipped on my first sips of alcohol that I sneaked away from the adults (I was a single child), I felt an identification with myself, thinking, “Why do they call me little angel all the time? And at this moment of self-identification, the angel fell into a dark, bottomless pit in which it got completely lost. The false personality seemed to grow bigger by the day, and it took nearly thirty years to see the light again after being stuck in this selfish, fearful, and judgmental tunnel-view. Who am I, truly…?

There is more than what our physical senses perceive, and anyone who has tapped into the nameless, formless source of all being understands what I am referring to. That, which is omnipresent and all-pervading, is also a part of who we are as conscious beings.

I know it’s very easy to get lost in this three-dimensional realm, but there’s a way out of the madness! Staying tuned and breathing as long as we can, and then what? The key is encoded inside us all, which opens the door to the infinite, to the eternal being—the deathless creature that knows no second.

Aho, Om Meteotl, En Lakesh, Hare OM Tat Sat, Hare OM