Eat RAW chocolate to get into STATE

Getting yourself into STATE is THE most important thing for high performance. Being depressed and feeling bad about life, uninspired and lazy won’t get the success results you might be looking for. Therefore, I recommend eating RAW chocolate (for breakfast) to get you into STATE. *Find my homemade recipe and a scientific explanation why chocolate makes you happy further down in this post.

I use RAW chocolate to get into STATE

N-arachidonoylethanolamine (AEA), also known as ​​Anandamide (ANA), is a fatty acid neurotransmitter and it gets you high without altering your consciousness. ANA participates in the body’s endocannabinoid system by binding to cannabinoid receptors – the same receptors the psychoactive compound THC in cannabis and the stuff in absynthe acts on. ​​Anandamide has been found in animals and plants, including RAW chocolate. The name anandamide is partially taken from the Sanskrit Word ananda, which means “joy / bliss” (yes- Omananda has this word in it too), & amide – a chemical term representing organic groups or hydrogen atoms. So, eat RAW chocolate to get into state to feel inspired and naturally happy. 

The following is a great recipe you can use at home from basic ingredients that costs a fraction of the price the health food industry charges for RAW chocolate. Take: 
  • 500 gram or Organic Raw cacao pastemelt in a metal container floating in a steaming water bath, together with: 
  • 250 gram Organic Raw cacao butter &
  • 500 gram Organic Raw flower honey

The Anandamide won’t be in the chocolate if it’s not raw, so make sure to NOT heat above 45 degrees C. Steer once in a while so the side of the container won’t burn the raw ingredients. I use a metal tray of a baking machine for steering automatically (for the next step), once it’s fully melted. Alternatively, you can also steer the next elements in by hand. Once fully melted, add: 

  • 100 grams of Organic RAW fruit powder of your choice (for flavoring) 
  • 500-800 g (or so) dried fruits, like organic apricots cut up into small pieces and steer into the mixed and melted cacao-honey paste. You can use any type of naturally chemically free organic dried fruit, such as; dried American blueberries (organic), or organic raisins.
  • 1000mg, or so … Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds – as much as you can fit in! It’s the best source of vegan a complete protein and the ideal Omega 6 / 3 combination.
  • You can add some maca, if you like. It tastes good, or if you are more hard-core, medicinal mushrooms, like reishi. But that’s bitter. Chocolate holds (and masks) any type of spice or flavor. Experiment and let your creativity guide you. You can always take a little out of the main-batch to create a mini-tester so that you can see how it would taste. 

That’s it. Put big spoonfuls on flat trays. A big ceramic or glass plate will do, where you can scoop it off easily, or if you have silicone baking forms – use them! Put it all in the fridge. When you package it and take it out, make sure it has no water droplets from condensation. When completely dry, it keeps refrigerated for several months. Eat it like bread, but it’s much better for you and it makes you HAPPY. Now you know exactly how to prepare and eat RAW chocolate to get into STATE!

PS: Preparing amazing food is one of my biggest joys, so welcome for this recipe. High quality nutrition is very important for us, as most of the precursors for the neurotransmitters, like serotonin, are manufactured in our gut. Check out the following video by this superfreak I made years ago. David Jubb knows (mostly) what he’s talking about. He’s been decades ahead of the scientific community that is just discovering what he has been preaching since a few ages ago. I learned a lot from this unusual person back in the days …