CORONALIZATION – The Ultimate Self-Help Guide for the Viral Pandemic

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San Francisco, USA, May 20, 2020, Omananda has published the self-help eBook, book and the audiobook: Coronalization – The Ultimate Self-Help Guide for the  ViralPandemic.

Coronalization is a self-help book for the antiviral age and a practical guide on how to stay healthy during a viral pandemic. The author suggests 33 different approaches to overcoming difficulties in times of change.
This book elucidates how to emerge from the corona crisis with a positive attitude and a beneficial outcome. To be motivated by the intuitive guidance system of the heart transforms a person to act with a greater purpose and in alignment with the ever-changing situation.
Chapters dedicated towards structuring time during quarantine and lockdowns, working from home, and natural non-toxic methods to reduce viral overloads, are segments of The Ultimate Self-Help Guide for the Viral Pandemic.
Taking care of each other and Mother Nature is crucial for increasing our survivability and to thrive. Today, and in every moment, we have a noble choice to make. We can either understand that we are together on this planet, as One, or we continue living trapped in fear and separation.
We must rationalize, however, to transcend our fears so that we can act with compassion, from a unified field of oneness.
The coronavirus pandemic is a reset. From here we can go either back and continue to ruin the planet, or we change. A planetary and collective change from fear towards love is what’s required. When we reason through our hearts we also awaken to our full potential. This book clarifies how to make that change. 

Author Bio: Omananda was born as Torsten E. Klimmer in East Germany from where he escaped before the Berlin Wall fell. He has traveled for several years around the world and began having mystical experiences that enabled him to understand life from an entirely different perspective than we ordinarily are taught in school. Omananda has lived in many different countries over the years, and he was initiated to various mystical traditions, especially Tantra and Shaivism. The author and filmmaker has helped to launch in 2012, which became one of the biggest synchronized meditation movements on the planet. Omananda has spent years with medicine-tribes in Mexico where he helped to create activist films to protect the sacred land and the indigenous, shamanistic cultures. He is also the visionary producer who created the film Liquid Crystal Vision and he wrote the fascinating book Transcendental JourneysA Visionary Quest for Freedom.