Coronalization Introduction


I received my professional RN license at the age of nineteen in Germany, where I made a vow to save people’s lives. During my time working as a nurse in West Germany, Switzerland, and California, I saw many people cross over and often held a patient’s hands during their last moments. One minute, there is a life in a body, and the next — it’s gone! In the face of death it doesn’t matter if a person is wealthy or poor, male or female, religious or not. Most people start praying when they die. It is said, the smart ones pray in thankfulness when life is abundant and beautiful, and not only when in peril asking for help. It surely is an amazing experience to save someone’s life and a part of me writing this book is about that, in a bigger sense. 

There are areas where Allopathic Medicine has made huge advances, and it is going to make bigger ones in the near future, but too often patients still get hurt from a medical approach that ignores nature’s ability to heal itself. There was a huge change in my life when I realized I couldn’t morally continue to administer pharmaceutical drugs to patients. What I had witnessed in hospitals was in stark contrast to my vow to protect life. The percentage of people who suffered the grave results of chemical poisoning from pharmaceuticals no longer agreed with my morals. 

Plants are used in TCM to strengthen organs and in Ayurveda, balance is achieved by harmonizing the elements. When I was diagnosed with what medical doctors told me was an incurable disease, I did not accept their prognosis. Herbal medicine and natural healing increasingly interested me. I traveled around the world and met masters who healed people of hefty conditions, like last stages of cancer, often successfully. The naturopathic methods to balance the body, mind, and spirit I discovered led me to the realization; alternative forms of medicine are the medicine I am most interested in learning about, and in this book, I’ll share some of what I have discovered in regard to viruses and increasing natural immunity. 

The viral diversity originating in the jungles we burn down attacks our bodies that seem defenseless in the age of electromagnetic frequencies, microwaves, and radiation. Western Medicine is held in check by viruses that literally come out of the woods. When the toxic load is overwhelming, those viruses find in us the perfect hosts. When we lose our natural connection, we can’t regenerate easily. The karma of humans experimenting in laboratories with dangerous viruses and eating the flesh of wild animals like bats that are major carriers of hu.ndreds of different viruses which are sold in South East Asian markets as food gets back at us now. Nature gives us what we deserve! What have we done to her? How have we treated our earthly paradise? When Mother Nature is sick, we are sick. Our bodies are made of, and belong to, the Earth. 

We earthlings are social beings. Isolation is unnatural to humans. We can deal with it only for so long before psychological and physiological effects are felt. I speak from experience. For spiritual purposes, I secluded myself for prolonged periods. Proper time management in isolation will determine our level of sanity. The third chapter of this book shines light on what to do during quarantine and lockdowns. 

Coronalization is not structured like an encyclopedia, but it is an invitation to change into becoming a more loving, conscious, and authentic human being. When we reason through our hearts, we also awaken to our full potential. At this time on the Earth, it is of paramount importance we learn how to think for ourselves, so we can stand up in peace, and calmly sing our world into collaborative co-creation. We must transcend our fears and connect our dream-like visions from a space of oneness. If not now, when? 

We are all more powerful than we think, especially when we remember who we are. We have to be aware how we use our creative energy, so we don’t get through this corona pandemic barely surviving but are empowered and changed for the better. 

The last chapter of this book clarifies how to tune into the rhythmic and magnetic heart channel, which resides within us all. The true power of love unites us at the core. No television news is going to report on that endless source of creativity, freedom, and inspiration. You might want to switch the channel?

Omananda, Panama, May 2020

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