On travel forms, we are often asked if the trip is for business or pleasure? Choose both, because when your business expresses your passion, it’s naturally pleasurable. As an entrepreneur who’s manifesting one of your dreams, you create value with what’s needed by providing automated systems to execute specific tasks that solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s solutions. This is very pleasurable when it works, but to make it work, you need specific alignments.

I understood that when someone has realized the essential truth that penetrates all dimensions and realities, one must live with the guidance of that heart. And if someone has no clue about that yet, its urgently needed to tune in, and to be initiated to that cosmic insight that in it’s most splendid form, expresses itself as being graceful, loving, and kind. As long as fear controls us, true perspective and overview are often lost. The results of decisions made in survival mode, with the fear of competition, can lead to further suffering and loss. To not let a negative spiral pull a person down until it might go totally out of control, it is advised to seek help before the shit hits the fan. Our programs combine spirituality and business, because when your soul purpose (your mission) is in synch with what you physically manifest and spend your time on, you’ll naturally be happy and satisfied versus having regrets at the end of your life. Our consulting and coaching transmits a highly sophisticated method of aligning with what really matters.

A person, maybe you, or their company, becomes successful when they have learned how to consider different perspectives and viewpoints other than their own, and recognize repetitive patterns inside themselves while analyzing trends. A successful person needs to be a good communicator, especially while listening.

Compassion is not a thing of the past, nor is it intellectually comprehensible, but it’s needed when managing teams with sensibility and kindness. That’s why being fully present at all times is an important art that can and must be mastered. Without this mastery (of awareness), old psychological and often fearful patterns generally show up as actions that might be unfavorable. The results of a lack of compassion and awareness can be divisions, misunderstandings, projections, waste of time and resources, fires to be put out constantly, and ultimately painful and costly breakups (in any type of partnership). To avoid any of this, we have consulting, and of course, it’s best to start before it becomes an emergency. Contact us NOW.

Time is a non-renewable resource for any of us, so why waste it on ineffective methods, or trial and error? The fastest approach to changing any aspect of business and life is being coached by someone who knows and has implemented what you want to learn how to do. Changing our ways and ultimately creating a better life for ourselves and the people around us is not only admirable. It’s necessary! And yes, coaching is part of consulting.

There is this question of how we can use the limited resources of our lifetime to manifest dreams, purposes, and missions while creating abundance on every level—not just for our loved ones, but for the world! The best-case scenario in life that we all have to master is generating sufficient abundance to live life on our terms, by doing what we love and are gifted with. Of course, this has to align with what the market needs. For that, we have to recognize and develop our talents and the market. It’s helpful for someone to guide us through this process, and we, of course, encourage you to choose us for that. Why? Because there are a very few (if any) programs bundling business and (non-religious) spirituality. And why would that be important to be linked in consulting, coaching, and online programs? Because without true insight, life is meaningless, and when broke, dreams remain just dreams.

One goal in life should be to have the freedom to not be forced to think about money and how to generate it. Money generation is possible with digital automation and scaling processes, but it makes little sense when the clarity of the mission is absent. Without that clarity, there is an energy leakage. And without energy, almost anything seems impossible. Doing things only because of money will feel empty in the long run, and any service-based profession will put you in a position to trade your time for money. You want to avoid that, unless you are in a transitionary period towards something greater. The question you might want to ask yourself now is how would that better future look like for you or your company?

When you love what you do and generate an income from it, it’s not a waste of time, because you never look at the watch, wondering when the shift is over, and you are developing as a human being. As long as you are not there yet though, you have real work to do, which is to figure yourself out. This workshop might help with that, or this book:

Frankly speaking, learning to implement by yourself is not that easy, and changing psychological patterns on your own can be really hard. Nobody said it was easy, but it’s not impossible either. Especially when you try and give your best and you are held accountable for what you set out to do. We’d help with that – if you let us – building your road map and following it through so that it becomes more tangible for you to reach your goals. Whatever your goals might be, sharing what you are gifted with while making money by doing what you love and are truly meant to manifest frees you from having to compromise to trade time for money with a job you are only doing because you are making money with it. If you don’t (yet) have the clarity of how your ideal future looks like, we’d be a big resource for that (soul-searching) and visualizing too.

When you work with us, you’d get privileged access to various personal development tools, techniques, practices, and methods we have developed and are developing for all our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Everything in our consulting sessions would be tailored to you. Sometimes the most difficult problems and situations can have the simplest solutions, but to see them, they have to be revealed. And this is one of our specialities!

Any of our coaching and consulting programs begin with a 20-minute online FREE session that you can book after you fill out the application form below. This initial session won’t cost you a thing – only time and your sincerity. Since the first session is free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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