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  • Coaching and consulting are similar. Consulting is mostly for organizations, businesses, and political campaigns. Coaching is often for individuals, although these individuals can be part of a company. Coaching helps with integration and implementing visions and knowledge. Consulting also helps to reveal what needs to be done through visionary processes, masterminds, and so forth, and by mapping out the action steps in an order of priority.

When someone has realized the essential truth that penetrates all dimensions and realities, they must live with the guidance of that love. But how is it possible to not lose it again? When fear sets in, one often loses perspective and overview. The results of decisions made out of survival mode can lead to further suffering and loss. A person often becomes successful when they have learned how to consider different perspectives and viewpoints and recognize repetitive patterns while predicting trends. They need to be good communicators, especially listeners. Compassion is not a thing of the past, nor is it intellectually comprehensible. Without the ability to manage teams, it’s nearly impossible to build successful companies. That’s why being fully present at all times is an important art that can and must be mastered. Without this mastery, blockages will prevent the flow of prana, energy, or qui and inhibit inspired, conscious, loving (compassionate) action. The results of a lack of compassion would be divisions, misunderstandings, projections, waste of time and resources, fires to put out, and ultimately painful and costly breakups. To avoid all this, we have coaching and consulting. The uniqueness of our programs here at is that profound business knowledge and spiritual wisdom are both taught and transmitted, as well as integrated, throughout everything we do.

“In life and in business, without compassion, there can be no real success.” Omananda

You know, I didn’t have compassion, and the empathy I felt was thin. I suffered a lot from this lack of understanding. I was self-centered and didn’t really care. Being cynical about the world, I wanted it to end. It would confirm the negativity I projected into everything I looked at with a doubtful mind and a judgmental heart. Until one day, when the goddess came to me and suggested that I needed to learn compassion. These were Sabrina’s exact words. She gave me this vital message in Tokyo, and I took it to heart. Twenty years later, Avalokiteshvara came to me in a vision. I found out that he’s the Tibetan Buddha of compassion. This was during a full moon in Norway, when I was bathing in the blue light for three consecutive nights until my heart was totally filled with love and naturally open. Since then, I know and embody (I am) compassion. There was no ritual that triggered this. There were no mind-altering substances involved that could have initiated this graceful event. It was spontaneous, but the intention had been there for decades, perhaps lifetimes. As an enlightening master who has taught me said, enlightenment is a spontaneous affair that can occur after lifetimes of effort. I’m not saying I’m enlightened or that I’m not enlightened. All I’m saying is that I realized that, without compassion, real success is not possible. Yes, you might be rich—very rich—and blessed with tons of money, but you’ll suffer the consequences of not being fully connected to what is real, and as long as you don’t realize the essential truth, you are stuck with your illusory self hanging over you. As you might know, you can’t buy love, nor can you buy self-realization, without which life is sort of pointless. But we—Omananda and my team—can and would love to help you with that.

Many people on the spiritual path in the western world have tripped before or smoked marijuana. But did you know that psychedelics are not the holy grail? Even I was running around after some powerful acid trips, thinking that psychedelic drugs were the key to self-realization. This logical conclusion is kind of common amongst people who have life-changing epiphanies on drugs that are not the ultimate weapon against spiritual ignorance. They are temporary means to realize, according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It’s always love that when the vessel of the body can receive the light and not hold onto it or try to possess it, but let it flow through, that illuminates this moment forever. The definition of love referred here is the result of complete unity and non-separation. By the way: I’ve developed a method to induce cosmic unity in a few minutes by applying the sound of the didgeridoo.

So, how does one access this love naturally all the time? How do we remove the blockages that are in the way of the energetic frequencies so that the divine vibration can move freely through the body and inspire conscious, loving action, and ultimately joyful living? Because that is what real success looks like to me. That’s why I have made it my mission to help people stabilize the field of love. I wrote an entire book on how to integrate the essential principles that ultimately lead to total freedom, joy, and love. Yes, I had to learn compassion the hard way, and that’s why I can see how you can avoid those pitfalls and quickly move toward what really matters.

There is this question of how we can use the limited resources of our lifetime to manifest dreams, purposes, and missions while creating abundance on every level—not just for our loved ones but for the world! The best-case scenario in life that we all have to master is generating sufficient abundance to live life on our terms by doing what we love and are gifted with. Of course, this has to align with what the market needs. For that, we have to recognize and develop our talents and the market. It’s helpful for someone to guide us through this process, and we, of course, encourage you to choose us for that.

I’ve been an entrepreneur pretty much all my life, and as the CEO of Omananda Ventures LLC, I have studied with the world’s best business and life coaches and graduated from various programs through which I have learned how to build and scale any type of business. Furthermore, I tread the spiritual path as a direct initiate and embody the sacred essence of a lineage that goes back to the origin of the universe. Find out more. I have traveled the world since 1991, became a mystic in 1993, and learned through direct experience and observation. I also teach through direct transmission.

One goal in life is to have the freedom to not be forced to think about money and how to generate it. This is possible today with digital automation and scaling processes. Any service-based profession will always put you in a position to trade your time for money, and you want to avoid that at all costs. Sharing what you are gifted with while making money by doing what you are truly meant to manifest frees you from having to compromise to trade time for money with a job you are only doing because you are making money with it. There is a difference. When you love what you do and generate an income from it, it’s not a waste of time. Then you never look at the watch, wondering when the shift is over. But as long as you are not there yet, you have real work to do, which is to figure yourself out. This workshop might help with that.

Time is a non-renewable resource for any of us, so why waste it on ineffective methods or trial and error? The fastest approach to changing any aspect of business and life is being coached by someone who knows, and has implemented, what you want to learn how to do. Changing our ways and ultimately creating a better life for ourselves and the people around us is not only admirable. It’s necessary!

Learning to implement by yourself is not that easy, and changing psychological patterns on your own can be really tough. But when you are held accountable, which Omananda Coaching could do for you, reaching your goals becomes so much more tangible. Coaching also gives you access to various personal development tools, techniques, practices, and methods that we have developed and are developing for all our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. And sometimes the most difficult problems have the most simple solutions. One just has to see them. They have to be revealed.

We all mirror each other and can’t really see our own faces unless we look in a mirror. It’s similar to our internal worlds and the potential we carry. When someone who can see this potential reflects that back to us, we suddenly realize what’s obvious and has been there all along, right in our faces. During Omananda’s reflective coaching and consulting, this is what shines light on you and your situation and thus helps to quickly evolve by gaining crucial insight, which is, of course, priceless.

Any of our coaching and consulting programs begins with a 20-minute online FREE session that you can book after you fill out the application form below. This initial session won’t cost anything. Since the first session is free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 👌

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