Protected: Freedom of Religion Exemption

My name is Torsten Eberhard Klimmer and I hereby apply for an exemption from any vaccination on the basis of religious freedom so that I can travel freely and express myself as an authentic human being without being judged or ridiculed or denied entry to any country for my individual beliefs, or worse, be forced to be vaccinated against my will or not allowed to cross any borders to “sophisticated” first-world or developing countries. Let…

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Omananda Unify message for 02.22.2022

This is Omananda's video message for the world-wide Unify broadcast that starts on February 22, 2022. Unify brings people from all over the world together to meditate on world peace through inner peace. There will be a 24-hour broadcast, with the culmination at 2.22 p.m. PST on February 22, 2022. Register your participation (for free) here: Watch the broadcast (free) here: Video Production: https://www.omananda.com

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Watch Liquid Crystal Vision in HD

Liquid Crystal Vision weaves a multi-colored tapestry of dance, trance, mystical arts, and science on the digital loom of shamanic cybernetic consciousness. Just as deep as the symbol, so is its powerful (and very timely) message. https://liquidcrystalvision.comYou can watch Liquid Crystal Vision now in HD for the first time. Have fun with the film that Billy and Torsten made in 2002. Share it with friends and family. ONE LOVE Watch Liquid Crystal Vision -…

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LSD Blotter ART collector Mark McCloud on Visionary ART – Omananda Video INTW

Video Interview with Blotter ART collector Mark McCloud on Visionary ART by Omananda in San Francisco - 2010, featuring Anthony Smith aka Forrester - one of the world's first and finest blotter artists.

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A tribute to Olli Wisdom – Video by Omananda

Olli Wisdom shaped music and fashion as Space Tribe. He strongly influenced the party scene in Goa during the nineties with his colorful Wisdom Circus family style. Olli made hundreds of thousands of people dance wildly around the world to his signature Goa trance. He pioneered a psychedelic planetary electronic music culture. 7 years ago, Olli was diagnosed with a very aggressive bone marrow cancer that took his life TODAY. Miraculously, he lived this long!…

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