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Freedom comes with responsibility

FREEDOM comes with responsibility

FREEDOM comes with responsibility. Being free means something else for everyone. For some people it means traveling the world, for others to sell their house, many people think they will be free when they are rich and for REAL yogis it's to be naked in the forest. For me, it means I can choose what to do with my lifetime that is THE most valuable resource. However, our desires are often clouded and not that…

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Traveling is one of my greatest teachers

Traveling is one of my greatest teachers, but even after thirty years of traveling it's still challenging for me to leave the familiar & complacent world behind. But I challenge myself and take the risk to explore the unknown. I already got butterflies in my belly. What about you? Have you taken a longer journey, like six month to a year and explored the world? I started with 8 month, then nine, and it became…

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Sri Pada in Sri Lanka

I was traveling several months on a motorcycle where I took this picture of Sri Pada in Sri Lanka, also called Adam's Peak. Adam, because of Adam in the bible, but in the local language Sri Pada translates to the footprint of Buddha and in Hinduism it is known as the mountain of Shiva's Light. Sri Pada in Sri Lanka All major religions identify with this sacred mountain, where Hermann Hesse had one of his…

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Trekking the Himalaya mountains

The picture above was taken during the final part of an unforgettable experience while trekking the Himalaya mountains. I experienced sunrise after climbing a 5000 meter high mountain in the end of the Langtang trek in Nepal that took around ten days walking all the way from Kathmandu. The valley hikes of 1000 meter up and 1000 meter down each day increased to 2000 meter up and down per day (4000m/day). This was NOT easy…

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It is my 30 years world travel anniversary!

I started my first world travels in 1991 when I flew from Germany to Chicago. Read this story about what happened there. But yes, traveling that long feels like an achievement. I'm glad I extended the twelve years of my sadhana to 30 years of living on three continents: Asia, Europe and America. But contrary to what many people would think, traveling is NOT easy! Check out the following pictures that show how hard it…

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  • Post comments:0 Comments This short 5 Minutes film demonstrates and documents how ecosystems can be restored through reforestation, in an effort to help bring the jungle back in places where cattle-farming has caused land erosion and habitat loss. In Panama, old laws still allow for deforestation that the government rewards with land-titles. This surely must change and be replaced with the reward of land titles for reforestation. Right?The pilot-project "Jaguar Falls" was started by Henrik Flodhammar and…

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