GONG Meditation in the Fjords of Norway

Omananda Sound Healing & Gong Meditation Movie. The first part of this video is a gong meditation with guided voice and drone shots of the fjords of Norway. The second part of the film shows a sound healing and gong meditation in the fjords of Norway. Most definitely use good headphones or a great sound system to listen to this gem & enjoy the flight. Concept & Execution, Audio / Video Recording, Editing: www.omananda.com https://youtu.be/VAbCUVlrj34

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Sera La Paz

This Aleia & Omananda Music Video was shot with drones on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Lyrics: Sera La Paz Sera La Luz Sera el amor (2x) Florecerá, la luz será Aleia says, "🙏🏻🙌💙 Sharing this melody with all of you as a sacred offering to Mother Earth- to Avatar Grove (Canada BC). Resonating with this magical place, where life vibrates in wisdom with grandfather and grandmother’s trees; where all elements whisper waves of symphonies, where…

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Photo of Omananda taken in September 2020 after a Vibrational-Sound-Therapy group session

Vibrational Sound Therapy by Omananda (Video)

In this video, you can watch one part of a three-hour vibrational sound therapy group session by Omananda that took place in Stavanger, Norway, on August 21st, 2020. Each ceremony has guided elements in it, such as breathing exercises, visualizations, and Tantric meditations. This guidance facilitates the process for individuals and groups to connect with their authentic selves, making it easier to remove fearful perspectives and replace them with love. Many participants experience a peaceful…

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