We are only ever racing against ourselves. It’s time to STOP!

Much time is spent running around, sometimes in circles with bills, to pay for things we do or do not need. Taking time "out" is crucial, and I have taken it for granted and gone to the extremes of doing nothing for extended periods of timelessness. "Finding myself" in the midst of chaos has not been easy, especially when the "self" is hidden underneath our noses. In this blog post, I share what I have…

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How to Free Yourself

When thinking you know nothing, it does not have to be confusing, as long as you know who you are. To be, or not to be is really one of the most fundamental and philosophical questions that could be answered individually only through beingness, meaning to be fully present and aware/awake in the here and now, aka nowhere. But how to define the center of infinity and eternity? Is it possible to conceptualize or actualize…

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Washed Away

If you picture the imaginary construct of your temporary personality like a sandcastle by the sea and the authentic enlightened master as the ocean that’s coming up with the tide, every wave (of direct transmission) takes some sand back into the infinite (ocean) of divine love. I’ve just been blessed with such a wave and a little bit of “me” dissolved gracefully, for which the remaining aspect of who I (erroneously) identify myself to be…

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Beautiful Green Eyes

Oh Dear Beloved: Can you Hear My Calling? To be Near You and to Feel the Warm Embrace To hold You in my Arms - The place where You Belong Your Heart beating Next to Mine In Unison we Breathe - Ahhhhhh The Vail between Yours and Mine Dissolves in Ecstacy - Effortlessly Bliss is All Apparent - It’s for All to See Unified We are - as ONE - in Love Forever - Oh…

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The universe is looking out for us!

In a reply to a friend who felt psychically attacked, I wrote: "The universe is looking out for you (or rather; what’s beyond it) ❤️ You know it by heart … (Know thyself aka knowsis). People might wish bad things for us, but as long as we don’t wish bad things for them, we are safe. (Protected) Black magic, negative energy, spells and jealousy only have power over us as long as we believe in…

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The miracle of existence is perceived from individual perspectives

“We all watch the miracle of existence unfolding from individual perspectives, like different angles on a crystal ball. Yet, we remain unified at our core where the true perceiver dwells.” Quote from Transcendental Journeys - A Visionary Quest for Freedom that is the true story of Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda, a German author, film maker and world traveler who escaped East Germany before the Wall came down. 

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Graves are for the Living

Graves are for the living, to mourn those who have passed away, or to celebrate life. It is up to each and every one of us to choose how we process life and death.The fear of dying has made many of us afraid of living, not taking the risk to be fully alive. Valuing all life as sacred, especially all sentient beings, helps anyone to release that fear of dying, although many enlightened masters became…

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