The inevitable conscious shift

The inevitable conscious shift is about shifting from power to love, opening the bridge to the upper chakras (energy centers and neural networks in the body). With an open heart, we can receive divine guidance in the moment. To see the bigger picture, look no further than where your heart beats. The following words are from those who have the power to change the world (hopefully for the better) with massive financial resources. But is their vision guided…

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To love is enough, all-embracing!

It is said that the one who knows love needs to know no more, meaning to vibrate in and to love is enough. Love leads to instant liberation. A fearful mind, however, cannot understand this simple and profound truth that Christ uttered and embodied more than 2000 years ago. Love all that is unconditionally, which means to trust (in the divine plan) and fear not. The purified (uncorrupted) heart understands this well. Of course, there are no sides to…

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How to Access Love amidst Confusion + Crisis?

Guilty are those who point fingers at the (contemporary) underprivileged. Wise are the authentic human beings who have found the key to the unity puzzle and mastered the ability to look deep within themselves. Of course, the principle key found within oneself is love, but how do we access love in the midst of confusion, turmoil, crisis, oppression, judgment, war, pandemics, and abuse? In the Western world, we have not had a full-blown war since World War II, but there…

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It is my 30 years world travel anniversary!

I started my first world travels in 1991, when I flew from Germany to Chicago. Read this story about what happened there. But yes, traveling that far feels like an achievement. I'm glad I extended the twelve years of my sadhana to 30 years of living on three continents: Asia, Europe, and America. But contrary to what many people would think, traveling is not easy! Check out the following pictures that show how hard it was to travel on…

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Qi-Balancing Circles to Heal The Earth

Qi-balancing circles are portals where the individuals serve as vessels and the group becomes a magical cauldron to transmit cosmic (and divine) energy that channels into the Earth when called forth from source. Life-Energy Balancing Circles (here referred to as Qi-Balancing Circles) were held at the ancient Inca civilization’s site Machu Picchu (amongst others), says Vedic Seiersson, a Norwegian artist who claims to remember them from a memory he associates with a past life. Qi-Balancing Circles balance…

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Read more about the article To catalyze the transformation of consciousness
Bali Temple Priest

To catalyze the transformation of consciousness

Knowing and embracing our destiny is empowering, but it takes baby steps to get from being asleep to being awake, and it starts with the willingness to want to walk the talk, but who’s talking? Is the guiding voice inside you leading you to happiness, or are outside influences forcing you to feel anxious about the world we live in today? To change the world and catalyze the transformation of consciousness inspires mass awakening. Recognizing…

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Advanced problem-solving technique for interpersonal relationships simplified

My partner and I discovered an advanced problem-solving technique for interpersonal relationships that can give couples a huge advantage as it carries them across the river of separation. When practiced with your partner, it can lead to a happy and fruitful long-term romantic life. If you keep on getting into cat fights with your life partner, your friends, or family members, you can change the course of your life by taking the time to practice…

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Graves are for the Living

Graves are for the living, to mourn those who have passed away, or to celebrate life. It is up to each and every one of us to choose how we process life and death. The fear of dying has made many of us afraid of living, not taking the risk of being fully alive. Valuing all life as sacred, especially all sentient beings, helps anyone to release that fear of dying, although many enlightened masters…

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Stanford University discovers new application for sound in healing.

Medicine already uses sound waves in various applications. Two examples are lithotripsy and ultrasound. But something new is on the horizon where acoustic signals that create Faraday waves have shown to pack the cells of the heart very densely and still maintain an ability to control and tune their organization. Stanford University discovers a new application for sound in healing! Apparently, acoustics can be used to manipulate heart cells (and other cells) into intricate patterns. Different frequencies…

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A timely message for you!

We need compassion now and collaboration to collectively transform this situation on the planet and our lives for the better and not be victimized as a humanity incapable of using our creative resources to deal with the simple facts of life. Having institutions mass-inoculate us as a species is not only madness, but it also avoids the raw fact that we will all (eventually) die and that this is a beautiful part of life. Those…

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Omananda’s first painting Off-Planet painted in 1992

Off-Planet painted in 1992 Interpretation by the artist: In the very middle of the painting is a little brain that's attached to a woman who lies sideways. Her red mouth points towards the sky, where a crescent moon is setting amongst stars. The moon represents the goddess. The gun shoots into the brain of the woman, which is part of the central brain of the huge head that's level with the horizon. This symbolizes the…

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Rising in LOVE

Rising in Love, a beautiful expression of wholeness, is the album name of Upahar, a musician and Bhajan/Kitan singer whom I met in Tiruvannamalai (Tamil Nadu/India). I would like to share the title song of his album, which is an affirmation for the transformation of consciousness. Most of Upahar's songs are reminders of the spiritual core essence that radiates from the one amongst the many (inside the heart). Let's all rise in love together, shall…

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Read more about the article Wild Chaga Mushroom proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 by Scientific Research

Wild Chaga Mushroom proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 by Scientific Research

The laboratory of mycology of the Novosibirsk Center Vector," Professor Tamara Teplyakova, and the journal of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Science First Hand" report the results of a study carried out with cell culture of an aqueous extract of Chaga, which showed "high inhibitory activity against SARS-CoV-2. As noted in the material, Teplyakova and her colleagues were also treated with Chaga themselves, having contracted the coronavirus. Reference (News): Translated…

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Fast Forward – The Future

Random access memory... Who and where am I? What is life all about, and where are we headed? Philosophizing seems pointless when life’s everlasting ups and downs hardly ever stop. I’m taking a deep breather, like whales diving into the deep (the ocean of timelessness) just to resurface to observe human beings hunting ruthlessly for everlasting life ‘til the last exhalation is exchanged for machine-like perfection of silicon and crystal life-forms that shall replace carbon-based…

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Mystical Experiences are prerequisites​ for understanding reality

Mystical experiences are prerequisites for understanding reality. Without the experience that awakens the blissful, conscious memory of our essential core nature that reveals who we are and what life is all about, a person simply taps in the dark. Guessing with no foresight of the brilliant white light that penetrates all dimensions and realities equally is like trying to hit the jackpot by playing the lottery. Our lifetime 'til the game of life is over…

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Are you prepared to meet your maker?

Last night I drove from Norway to Germany in one go. It’s really not that far when you're used to the distances in the US, as I am. The speed ferry from Kristiansand to Hirtshals took 3 hours, and the slow drive directly to Berlin took 8 hours, where I arrived at 5 a.m. before traffic. There were no border controls for entering Germany. My first stop in Denmark was at a McDonald's because they…

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The value of the invaluable

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My sessions are based on 30 years of direct experience trotting the spiritual path with a didgeridoo and applying sound to heal myself and others. The sound of the didgeridoo and the way I play it have the possibility of putting people into a container where they can relax into cosmic consciousness. The session time required, according to my experience, is as follows: 1 hour is the minimum requirement, which I would call a basic…

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Read more about the article Vibrational Sound Therapy by Omananda (Video)
Photo of Omananda taken in September 2020 after a Vibrational-Sound-Therapy group session

Vibrational Sound Therapy by Omananda (Video)

In this video, you can watch one part of a three-hour vibrational sound therapy group session by Omananda that took place in Stavanger, Norway, on August 21st, 2020. Each ceremony has guided elements in it, such as breathing exercises, visualizations, and Tantric meditations. This guidance facilitates the process for individuals and groups to connect with their authentic selves, making it easier to remove fearful perspectives and replace them with love. Many participants experience a peaceful…

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  • Post comments:0 Comments This short 5-minute film demonstrates and documents how ecosystems can be restored through reforestation in an effort to help bring the jungle back in places where cattle farming has caused land erosion and habitat loss. In Panama, old laws still allow for deforestation, which the government rewards with land titles. This surely must change and be replaced with the reward of land titles for reforestation. Right?The pilot project "Jaguar Falls" was started by Henrik…

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Turn the Tide (Video)

Turn The Tide" is a visual poetic prayer during the time of the coronavirus lockdown. It has been made to help turn the tide from fear to love and to encourage people to transform. This short film is a co-production between Ehren Cruz, Krystle Smith, and Omananda. It features a painting by Amanda Sage with music by Jochen Meijer & Omananda.

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