Moving through indecisiveness and choosing from your heart

Not knowing what to do at any given moment is often the result of confusion. Confusion, on the other hand, is caused by not knowing who we are or what is real.  I used to be so confused that I booked two flights, knowing well that one had to be canceled because I did not know where I wanted to go. Neither did I have a real purpose. Purpose comes when we start to think…

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We are only ever racing against ourselves. It’s time to STOP!

Much time is spent running around, sometimes in circles with bills, to pay for things we do or do not need. Taking time "out" is crucial, and I have taken it for granted and gone to the extremes of doing nothing for extended periods of timelessness. "Finding myself" in the midst of chaos has not been easy, especially when the "self" is hidden underneath our noses. In this blog post, I share what I have…

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How to Free Yourself

When thinking you know nothing, it does not have to be confusing, as long as you know who you are. To be, or not to be is really one of the most fundamental and philosophical questions that could be answered individually only through beingness, meaning to be fully present and aware/awake in the here and now, aka nowhere. But how to define the center of infinity and eternity? Is it possible to conceptualize or actualize…

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Omananda Spirit Science Film

Jordan River, creator of Spirit Science - the successful Youtube channel with spiritual Patchman films that attract millions of views - and UNIFY Founding Member Omananda decided to make a film about a Thanksgiving dinner they both attended. The evening ended abruptly with a fire that burned down Adil Kassam's ( Unify founder's ) home. Omananda started a crowdfunding campaign to help Adil through this challenging time. All we can ask you is to take…

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Washed Away

If you picture the imaginary construct of your temporary personality like a sandcastle by the sea and the authentic enlightened master as the ocean that’s coming up with the tide, every wave (of direct transmission) takes some sand back into the infinite (ocean) of divine love. I’ve just been blessed with such a wave and a little bit of “me” dissolved gracefully, for which the remaining aspect of who I (erroneously) identify myself to be…

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Beautiful Green Eyes

Oh Dear Beloved: Can you Hear My Calling? To be Near You and to Feel the Warm Embrace To hold You in my Arms - The place where You Belong Your Heart beating Next to Mine In Unison we Breathe - Ahhhhhh The Vail between Yours and Mine Dissolves in Ecstacy - Effortlessly Bliss is All Apparent - It’s for All to See Unified We are - as ONE - in Love Forever - Oh…

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World Peace NOW ?

Ahhhh ... finally, I can relax! Omananda relaxing after World Peace Day on September 22nd 2022 (Equinox) On winter solstice 2022, it will be ten years that Unify has been working hard to propagate the possibility of World Peace (through Inner Peace). However, world peace is more of a necessity than anything else and it’s not only Unify talking about World Peace NOW successively during equinoxes and solstices ever since its launch.   There have been…

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An Enlightened Master has no friction

Have you ever met a living enlightened master in your life? Did you notice about the enlightened Masters - that they don't have arguments with anyone and there is no friction? Because they don’t separate themselves! I took the following photograph in an Indian ashram where I met an enlightened master (the one in the photograph) who graciously initiated me into the divine. I also met Ammaji several times - also and enlightened master. Although…

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Share the prophecy

I would love to share the prophecy that's so well spoken and channeled by an anonymous person. I very much relate to it, since I have received very similar visions in 2002 when I was transported to the future of our planet. I speak about it shortly in my book (Transcendental Journeys). In religion, a prophecy is a message that has been communicated to a person by a supernatural entity (or entities). Prophecies are a…

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Eat RAW chocolate to get into STATE

Getting yourself into STATE is THE most important thing for high performance. Being depressed and feeling bad about life, uninspired and lazy won’t get the success results you might be looking for. Therefore, I recommend eating RAW chocolate (for breakfast) to get you into STATE. *Find my homemade recipe and a scientific explanation why chocolate makes you happy further down in this post. I use RAW chocolate to get into STATE N-arachidonoylethanolamine (AEA), also known…

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Read more about the article FREEDOM comes with responsibility
Freedom comes with responsibility

FREEDOM comes with responsibility

FREEDOM comes with responsibility. Being free means something else for everyone. For some people it means traveling the world, for others to sell their house, many people think they will be free when they are rich and for REAL yogis it's to be naked in the forest. For me, it means I can choose what to do with my lifetime that is THE most valuable resource. However, our desires are often clouded and not that…

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Repetition Creates Mastery

Bruce Lee said: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.”  Repetition Creates Mastery! So, in essence: focus on one thing and master it, before you move to the next thing, if you need to! That goes for business as much as for the spiritual approach. You can try a little meditation or a little yoga or a little shamanic…

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Traveling is one of my greatest teachers

Traveling is one of my greatest teachers, but even after thirty years of traveling it's still challenging for me to leave the familiar & complacent world behind. But I challenge myself and take the risk to explore the unknown. I already got butterflies in my belly. What about you? Have you taken a longer journey, like six month to a year and explored the world? I started with 8 month, then nine, and it became…

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Sri Pada in Sri Lanka

I was traveling several months on a motorcycle where I took this picture of Sri Pada in Sri Lanka, also called Adam's Peak. Adam, because of Adam in the bible, but in the local language Sri Pada translates to the footprint of Buddha and in Hinduism it is known as the mountain of Shiva's Light. Sri Pada in Sri Lanka All major religions identify with this sacred mountain, where Hermann Hesse had one of his…

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The miracle of existence is perceived from individual perspectives

“We all watch the miracle of existence unfolding from individual perspectives, like different angles on a crystal ball. Yet, we remain unified at our core where the true perceiver dwells.” Quote from Transcendental Journeys - A Visionary Quest for Freedom that is the true story of Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda, a German author, film maker and world traveler who escaped East Germany before the Wall came down. 

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The difference between curiosity and commitment

The difference between curiosity and commitment applies to our personal and romantic life as much as to our business ventures, school degrees and it makes all the difference in the world if we are committed or just being curious.  Curiosity is feeling things out and exploring, carefully looking for signs of danger, almost expecting some obstacle to appear and as it is with our minds, what see what we assume. Plus, it’s easier giving up…

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VESAK is today! Start your meditation cycle NOW

There is no better time for you to commit to your annual meditation cycle than Vesak which happens to occur on May full moon day - today. This Vesak is very unique because it also coincides with a lunar eclipse. Every full moon is a big deal in Sri Lanka where I was traveling on a motorbike a few years ago. The moon is celebrated there all over the country and these festivities do not…

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Omananda Unify message for 02.22.2022

This is Omananda's video message for the world wide Unify broadcast that starts on 02.22.2022. Unify brings people from all over the world together to meditate on world peace through inner peace. There will be a 24 hour broadcast with the culmination on 2.22 pm PST on 02.22.2022. Register your participation (FREE) here: Watch the broadcast (FREE) here: Video Production:

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Are you living your soul purpose?

Time flies when you are having fun (doing what you love). Have you had fun lately? Are you living your soul purpose and are you guided by the Great Spirit - the nameless source of all creation, some people call God? Big questions like these require skillful answers. Do you remember The Nothing in The Neverending Story? The Wolfgang Petersen movie had a happy ending that is not so far fetched from the truth when…

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Trekking the Himalaya mountains

The picture above was taken during the final part of an unforgettable experience while trekking the Himalaya mountains. I experienced sunrise after climbing a 5000 meter high mountain in the end of the Langtang trek in Nepal that took around ten days walking all the way from Kathmandu. The valley hikes of 1000 meter up and 1000 meter down each day increased to 2000 meter up and down per day (4000m/day). This was NOT easy…

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The inevitable conscious shift

The inevitable conscious shift is about shifting from power to love, opening the bridge to the upper chakras (energy centers and neural networks in the body). With an open heart we can receive the divine guidance in the moment. To ground that (bigger picture), look no further than where your heart beats. The following words are from those who have the power to change the world (hopefully for the better), with massive financial resources. But…

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