HD version of Shamanicumpari

Watch the HD version of Shamanicumpari, an Omananda music video with Herbert Quinteros created in Mexico in 2008, and the set photographs. Shamanicumpari was a magical creation that took a week of production and one day of shooting. The simulation-video of an Ayahuasca healing can be found below the pictures. Enjoy! Shamanicumpari Music Video Production: Omananda.com.Cinematography, Editing, Design, Direction & FX: Torsten E. Klimmer.Music & Direction: Herbert Quinteros.Thanks to Iselin Bruff for painting Herbert's face…

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MUST-SEE! Awaken Humanity during Covid19 (Extraterrestrial Information)

Senya Kandoussi communicates with extraterrestrial beings. She shares information on how to wake up during the COVID-19 crisis. This Omananda Podcast and Senya's visionary art draw a roadmap for how people can collectively transform to become spiritually awake during times of the coronavirus pandemic. The information contained within this video is inspiring and encouraging to listen to and watch. The art is a coded language from another dimension that we ordinarily perceive. Yes, we can…

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Bassnectar’s First LIVE Set EVER (Video)

Bassnectar's First LIVE Set was filmed by Omananda in the Health and Harmony Festival (as it was called back then). The community (and his grandmother) really supported Lorin so he could become the signature style brand he is today. Lorin fills stadiums with his bass-ladden music. Enjoy Bassnectar's First LIVE Set - Ever, filmed by Omananda https://youtu.be/MAgZqEEkTU0 Lorin (Bassnectar) and Omananda used to live together in Santa Cruz (California) back in the days when Lorin…

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