HD version of Shamanicumpari

You can watch the upscaled HD version of Shamanicumpari, a music video Omananda created in Mexico in 2008. The film was a magical creation that took a week of production and one day of shooting. Here are some photographs of the set. You'll find the video below the pic's. Thanks to Iselin Bruff for painting Herbert's face according to Omananda's instructions, and for taking the pictures. https://youtu.be/ok-cq96lz2w

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GONG Meditation in the Fjords of Norway

Omananda Sound Healing & Gong Meditation Movie. The first part of this video is a gong meditation with guided voice and drone shots of the fjords of Norway. The second part of the film shows a sound healing and gong meditation in the fjords of Norway. Most definitely use good headphones or a great sound system to listen to this gem & enjoy the flight. Concept & Execution, Audio / Video Recording, Editing: www.omananda.com https://youtu.be/VAbCUVlrj34

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Sera La Paz

This Aleia & Omananda Music Video was shot with drones on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Lyrics: Sera La Paz Sera La Luz Sera el amor (2x) Florecerá, la luz será Aleia says, "🙏🏻🙌💙 Sharing this melody with all of you as a sacred offering to Mother Earth- to Avatar Grove (Canada BC). Resonating with this magical place, where life vibrates in wisdom with grandfather and grandmother’s trees; where all elements whisper waves of symphonies, where…

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Omananda Spirit Science Film

Jordan River, creator of Spirit Science, the successful Youtube channel with spiritual Patchman films that attract millions of views, and UNIFY Founding Member Omananda decided to make a film about a Thanksgiving dinner they both attended. The evening ended abruptly with a fire that burned down Adil Kassam's (the Unify founder's) home. Omananda started a crowdfunding campaign to help Adil through this challenging time. All we can ask of you is to take 6 minutes to watch this masterpiece of…

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Omananda Unify message for 02.22.2022

This is Omananda's video message for the world-wide Unify broadcast that starts on February 22, 2022. Unify brings people from all over the world together to meditate on world peace through inner peace. There will be a 24-hour broadcast, with the culmination at 2.22 p.m. PST on February 22, 2022. Register your participation (for free) here: https://www.unify.org/love Watch the broadcast (free) here: https://watch.unify.org Video Production: https://www.omananda.comhttps://youtu.be/eot2T4VzMyg

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Read more about the article Vibrational Sound Therapy by Omananda (Video)
Photo of Omananda taken in September 2020 after a Vibrational-Sound-Therapy group session

Vibrational Sound Therapy by Omananda (Video)

In this video, you can watch one part of a three-hour vibrational sound therapy group session by Omananda that took place in Stavanger, Norway, on August 21st, 2020. Each ceremony has guided elements in it, such as breathing exercises, visualizations, and Tantric meditations. This guidance facilitates the process for individuals and groups to connect with their authentic selves, making it easier to remove fearful perspectives and replace them with love. Many participants experience a peaceful…

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https://youtu.be/WZdBhpDZYJs This short 5-minute film demonstrates and documents how ecosystems can be restored through reforestation in an effort to help bring the jungle back in places where cattle farming has caused land erosion and habitat loss. In Panama, old laws still allow for deforestation, which the government rewards with land titles. This surely must change and be replaced with the reward of land titles for reforestation. Right?The pilot project "Jaguar Falls" was started by Henrik…

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Turn the Tide (Video)

Turn The Tide" is a visual poetic prayer during the time of the coronavirus lockdown. It has been made to help turn the tide from fear to love and to encourage people to transform. This short film is a co-production between Ehren Cruz, Krystle Smith, and Omananda. It features a painting by Amanda Sage with music by Jochen Meijer & Omananda. https://youtu.be/E70Ro0_-_og

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MUST-SEE! Awaken Humanity during Covid19 (Extraterrestrial Information)

Senya Kandoussi communicates with extraterrestrial beings. She shares information on how to wake up during the COVID-19 crisis. This Omananda Podcast and Senya's visionary art draw a roadmap for how people can collectively transform to become spiritually awake during times of the coronavirus pandemic. The information contained within this video is inspiring and encouraging to listen to and watch. The art is a coded language from another dimension that we ordinarily perceive. Yes, we can…

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Bassnectar’s First LIVE Set EVER (Video)

Bassnectar's First LIVE Set was filmed by Omananda in the Health and Harmony Festival (as it was called back then). The community (and his grandmother) really supported Lorin so he could become the signature style brand he is today. Lorin fills stadiums with his bass-ladden music. Enjoy Bassnectar's First LIVE Set - Ever, filmed by Omananda https://youtu.be/MAgZqEEkTU0 Lorin (Bassnectar) and Omananda used to live together in Santa Cruz (California) back in the days when Lorin…

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LSD Blotter ART collector Mark McCloud on Visionary ART – Omananda Video INTW

Video Interview with Blotter ART collector Mark McCloud on Visionary ART by Omananda in San Francisco - 2010, featuring Anthony Smith aka Forrester - one of the world's first and finest blotter artists. https://youtu.be/TkK_TwOjLAs https://blotterbarn.com https://www.huffpost.com/entry/mark-m...

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A tribute to Olli Wisdom – Video by Omananda

Olli Wisdom shaped music and fashion as Space Tribe. He strongly influenced the party scene in Goa during the nineties with his colorful Wisdom Circus family style. Olli made hundreds of thousands of people dance wildly around the world to his signature Goa trance. He pioneered a psychedelic planetary electronic music culture. 7 years ago, Olli was diagnosed with a very aggressive bone marrow cancer that took his life TODAY. Miraculously, he lived this long!…

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