How do business and compassion relate?

Being compassionate is equally important in business and in life, for without it, we only end up hurting ourselves and those we come into contact with. According to enlightened masters, compassion comes without a cause and therefore has no effect. There is no agenda with compassion. So, why and how do business and compassion relate? Let’s ask AI about that. The query I ask AI is:  Why is it important to be compassionate when doing…

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My strong business side

Torsten E. Klimmer is the CEO of Omananda Ventures LLC. In the past, Torsten expressed himself as an artist and producer. He also began studying business, marketing, promotion, communication, and operational systems, and quickly learned that automated processes reduce the workload and ultimately save time, money, employment force, and headaches. If you can make three dollars out of one and scale that through digital automations, you are out of the woods, meaning you don't have…

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