To catalyze the transformation of consciousness

Knowing and embracing our destiny is empowering, but it takes baby steps to get from being asleep to being awake, and it starts with the willingness to want to walk the talk, but who’s talking? Is the guiding voice inside you leading you to happiness, or are outside influences forcing you to feel anxious about the world we live in today?

To change the world and catalyze the transformation of consciousness inspires mass awakening. Recognizing our full potential as cosmic beings encourages us to step up the game while taking responsibility as conscious co-creators who are aware of our unlimited power—the power of love! That’s not an idealistic picture! Any compassionate human being on Earth experiences this accomplishment. In fact, our origin and ultimate destiny are the result of a cosmic vision that is encoded in everyone and is an important aspect of who we truly are! The seed that’s been planted long before we were born dwells inside our hearts, but it is up to each individual to nurture it with care, belief, trust, and focus, and it requires faith and dedication to not deviate away into whatever sidetracks might lurk around the corner.

Ask yourself if the creative principle and life force inspire you every day and every breath, or are limiting belief structures holding you back from doing what you really want to accomplish? something to ponder on. What inspires me is to catalyze the transformation of consciousness.

With much love, Omananda