Bassnectar’s First LIVE Set EVER (Video)

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Bassnectar’s First LIVE Set was filmed by Omananda in the Health and Harmony Festival (as it was called back then). The community (and his grandmother) really supported Lorin so he could become the signature style brand he is today. Lorin fills stadiums with his bass-ladden music. Enjoy Bassnectar’s First LIVE Set – Ever, filmed by Omananda

Lorin (Bassnectar) and Omananda used to live together in Santa Cruz (California) back in the days when Lorin was still playing psychedelic trance in underground parties on the beaches.
Bassnectar’s music has inspired millions of people to dance to funky (and intelligent) sound. Lorin Ashton (his real name) has been politically active, especially since his album called, Mesmerizing The Ultra (Track: Inspire The Empathic). But becoming a famous artist definitely had his toll on Lorin, who has been on the road touring until the pandemic hit since he became famous. In 2020, Lorin Ashton has been accused of sexual abuse and human trafficking that his lawyers deny. As a result of the allegations, Lorin stepped down from music. Omananda has not had contact with him for years but he hopes the allegations are not true. PS: Don’t you wonder how back in the sixties the Stones were followed by groupies too? Although, Mick Jagger surely did not have to pay the girls that lined up anywhere for having sex with him 🙂 The way I remember Lorin, he’s a great person who really means well. Check out his music here.

PS: Music, Art, & Dancing Forever! Keep on hugging and loving people, but take care of your immunity. Covid is nothing to take lightly. Who’s not vaccinated will have to develop natural immunity to the virus that seems to get around. When I had it, it was pretty heavy, but due to some natural medicine I was carrying at the time, I quickly managed to recover from the viral infection. Coming together in large groups to dance on the dance floor, to UNITE in LOVE, is what most of us really enjoy. Thanks to artists like Lorin, this is possible.