The value of the invaluable

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My sessions are based on 30 years of direct experience of trotting the spiritual path with a didgeridoo applying sound to heal myself and others. The sound of the didgeridoo - the way I play it - has a possibility to put people into a container where they can relax into cosmic consciousness. Session time required, according to my experience, is as follows: 1 hour is the minimum requirement which I would call a basic…

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Photo of Omananda taken in September 2020 after a Vibrational-Sound-Therapy group session

Vibrational Sound Therapy by Omananda (Video)

This video shows one part of a three hour Vibrational Sound Therapy Group Session by Omananda that took place in Stavanger, Norway on August 21st, 2020. Each ceremony has guided elements in it, such as: breathing exercises, visualizations and Tantric meditations. This guidance facilitates the process for individuals and groups to connect with the authentic self, making it easier to remove fearful perspectives and replacing them with love. Many participants experience a peaceful silence in…

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  • Post comments:0 Comments This short 5 Minutes film demonstrates and documents how ecosystems can be restored through reforestation, in an effort to help bring the jungle back in places where cattle-farming has caused land erosion and habitat loss. In Panama, old laws still allow for deforestation that the government rewards with land-titles. This surely must change and be replaced with the reward of land titles for reforestation. Right?The pilot-project "Jaguar Falls" was started by Henrik Flodhammar and…

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Crystalline Sound & Krystleyez Visions (Video) This short film features the Visionary ART of Krystle Smith together with the Crystalline Sound of the Crystal Mineral bowls played by Pamela La Luz - the alchemist of sound. Produced & edited by Omananda. This powerful Sound and Color Therapy creates healing for the meditative transformation of humanity. It's made with LOVE ~ https://www.omananda.com

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Turn the Tide (Video) "TURN THE TIDE" is a Visual Poetic Prayer during the times of the Coronavirus lockdown. It has been made to help turn the tides, from fear to love and so, to encourage people to transform. This short film is a co-production between Ehren Cruz, Krystle Smith, and Omananda. It's been made for the Unify Broadcast and it features a painting by Amanda Sage with music by Jochen Meijer.

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MUST-SEE! Awaken Humanity during Covid19 (Extraterrestrial Information)

Senya Kandoussi communicates with extraterrestrial beings. She shares information how to AWAKEN during the Covid19 crisis. This Omananda Podcast and Senya's visionary art draw a roadmap how people can collectively transform to spiritually awake during times of the coronavirus pandemic. The information contained within this video is inspiring and encouraging to listen to and watch. The art is a coded language from another dimensions that we ordinarily perceive. Please share this video with as many…

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Bassnectar’s First LIVE Set EVER (Video)

Bassnectar's First LIVE Set was filmed by Omananda in the Health and Harmony Festival (as it was called back then). The community (and his grandmother) really supported Lorin so he could become the signature style brand he is today. Lorin fills stadiums with his bass-ladden music. Enjoy Bassnectar's First LIVE Set - Ever, filmed by Omananda Lorin (Bassnectar) and Omananda used to live together in Santa Cruz (California) back in the days when Lorin…

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LSD Blotter ART collector Mark McCloud on Visionary ART – Omananda Video INTW

Video Interview with Blotter ART collector Mark McCloud on Visionary ART by Omananda in San Francisco - 2010, featuring Anthony Smith aka Forrester - one of the world's first and finest blotter artists.

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A tribute to Olli Wisdom – Video by Omananda

Olli Wisdom shaped music and fashion as Space Tribe. He strongly influenced the party scene in Goa during the nineties with his colorful Wisdom Circus family style. Olli made hundreds of thousands of people dance wildly around the world to his signature Goa trance. He pioneered a psychedelic planetary electronic music culture. 7 years ago, Olli was diagnosed with a very aggressive bone marrow cancer that took his life TODAY. Miraculously, he lived this long!…

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