Something NOT A.I.?

You know, it's been fun composing stuff and blogposts with A.I., but what's more fun is to transmit wisdom which is not only an accumulation of knowledge. Right? Or is all knowledge just an accumulation anyways? The enlightened ones know that all knowledge is instantaneously transmitted at the present moment. Can A.I. be programmed to be enlightened? And what does enlightenment really mean? It means a sort of death, a non-dual approach to life that…

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Mastering the 64 Arts

According to ancient Chinese tradition, it is said that in order to master life and to become a complete human being, one has to master the 64 arts. When one has mastered these different arts of life, one can use each art for a particular life situation that might arise. Having developed various skills and mastered them gives a person the ability to be flexible and apply these life-arts accordingly. Here are the 64 arts:…

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How do business and compassion relate?

Being compassionate is equally important in business and in life, for without it, we only end up hurting ourselves and those we come into contact with. According to enlightened masters, compassion comes without a cause and therefore has no effect. There is no agenda with compassion. So, why and how do business and compassion relate? Let’s ask AI about that. The query I ask AI is:  Why is it important to be compassionate when doing…

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Embracing The Venomous And Visualizing a Better World

Introduction:Venomous creatures and earthquake-prone regions symbolize inherent threats that can awaken our primal fear of death. These fears often result from our limited exposure to such situations. However, as humans, our remarkable adaptability allows us to navigate through various circumstances, enabling us to not only survive but thrive. In this interconnected world, where our well-being is intrinsically linked to the well-being of all life, acknowledging and transcending our fears becomes crucial. By understanding and embracing…

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My strong business side

Torsten E. Klimmer is the CEO of Omananda Ventures LLC. In the past, Torsten expressed himself as an artist and producer. He also began studying business, marketing, promotion, communication, and operational systems, and quickly learned that automated processes reduce the workload and ultimately save time, money, employment force, and headaches. If you can make three dollars out of one and scale that through digital automations, you are out of the woods, meaning you don't have…

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Cultivating World Peace through Inner Peace: The Path to Harmony

Introduction: In a world plagued by conflicts and divisions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and insignificant when contemplating the pursuit of world peace. However, true peace can only be achieved if we start within ourselves.  As young adults, we possess the power to create a lasting impact on the world around us. By nurturing inner peace, an authentic harmony can ripple outward, extending its reach to our communities, countries, and ultimately the entire world. The…

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Morning Glory Macrophotography; Omananda

Morning Glory

Ipomoea corymbosa, also known as Ololiuqui or Morning Glory, is a psychotropic plant native to Mexico that I photographed on my morning walk today. I even dedicated an entire article called FLOWER POWER in my book, Transcendental Journeys, a Visionary Quest for Freedom, to this group of plants, which includes Hawaiin Baby Woodrose. It looks beautiful, doesn't it? Morning Glory Macrophotography; Omananda I was speaking with my dad this morning about the plant, saying that it’s psychedelic, to which…

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Embracing Change

Embracing Change and Transformation refers to the willingness and openness to adapt, grow, and develop in response to the inevitable shifts and transitions that occur in our lives. It involves letting go of resistance or fear and instead embracing change as an opportunity for personal growth, learning, and self-discovery. Change is a constant and natural part of life, whether it be changes in relationships, career, health, or personal circumstances. By embracing change, we acknowledge that…

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Preface from the new book

Preface I’ve always been passionate about freedom. If growing up in East Germany (and escaping from it) or the various past lives I’ve lived had something to do with it, I don’t even know. What I do know is that we all eventually end up in the same place—where we came from. Eventually, we’ll all illuminate and self-realize. But there’s a way to speed up that process tremendously, and this book can be a quickener.…

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Viva Mexico!

Greetings. I just made the intercontinental jump to Mexico from Europe via airplane. It's warm here and lovely. I'll be in Mexico for the entire winter until spring in a place called Mallinalco, which is a pueblo magico that are special towns in Mexico which receive benefits from the board of tourism. Malinalco is a lovely little hub, similar to Tepoztlán, just a lot more smaller and unknown. *The image below was taken on a…

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Sandstone Buddha Carving in Sri Lanka - Omananda Photography

The Principle of Oneness With All

"There is no 'other,' only the illusion of separation." - Eckhart Tolle Oneness with all is the realization that beneath the surface-level appearances, we are interconnected and part of a greater whole. It is the understanding that there is no true separation between ourselves and the world. Oneness with all is the recognition that we are not isolated entities, but threads woven into the rich tapestry of existence. Oneness with all can be likened to…

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Essential Principles On The Path To Liberation

“Essential Principles On The Path To Liberation” is a book by Omananda that servers as a blueprint for total freedom. It will be available on December 22nd, 2023. Order your presale copy here. In a world that often seems filled with constraints and limitations, the concept of liberation may appear elusive. We find ourselves bound by societal norms, cultural expectations, and personal fears that confine our true potential. However, within each of us lies an inherent…

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Transformational Healing Journeys

Are you interested in profound initiatory experiences that allow you to access mystical dimensions and directly speak with the Source of All Being while healing your body and your mind? Then fill out the application form below, which would get you started in the right direction. It could lead to invitations to participate in our transformational healing journeys in exotic places.

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Learn how to free yourself from the constructs of a limited, conditioned mind.

It's a game-changer to learn how to free yourself from the constructs of a limited, conditioned mind. Once freed, you can choose proactively instead of reacting automatically with triggered unconscious behavioral patterns. J. Krishnamurti said, "There is no unconditioning. There is only freedom from conditioning." This means that in order to be free, you must realize your true nature, and when you do, all false perceptional errors lose their power over you. Self-Realization is what will…

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What are all possible and any objectives and reasons of war?

War, unfortunately, has been a reality throughout human history. Conflicts arise due to a variety of objectives and reasons. Here are some possible objectives and reasons for war: Territorial disputes: Conflicts may arise when nations or groups seek to assert control over a particular region or to challenge existing boundaries. Ideological or political differences: Wars may occur when nations or groups have conflicting ideologies, political systems, or ambitions. This could include disputes over governance, governance…

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How do we create world peace?

I was wondering what's a realistic, detailed, and executable plan with prioritized action steps on the way to create world peace immediately, and the reasons why it is of paramount importance to stop all wars on earth right now? Creating world peace is a complex and long-term goal that requires collective effort from individuals, organizations, and governments across the globe. While achieving world peace immediately may be an ambitious target, it is crucial to recognize…

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My heart goes out to all the people who live in war

The people I know from Israel are some of the most fun and loving people I know. My heart goes out to the people who live in Israel and all Jewish and Muslim people in the world. This weekend is sad for the entire world. In my visions, I have seen things unfold in the future, and what I see now is congruent with something much worse to come. I hope I'm very wrong on…

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It’s All About Relationships

In a world that thrives on connectivity and interactions, relationships have become the cornerstone of our existence. From personal connections with our loved ones to professional collaborations in the workplace, relationships shape our experiences, perceptions, and well-being. Whether it's building strong bonds with friends and family, nurturing professional networks, or even fostering a healthy relationship with ourselves, the quality of our relationships ultimately defines the quality of our lives. It's all about relationships. At its…

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HD version of Shamanicumpari

Watch the HD version of Shamanicumpari, an Omananda music video with Herbert Quinteros created in Mexico in 2008, and the set photographs. Shamanicumpari was a magical creation that took a week of production and one day of shooting. The simulation-video of an Ayahuasca healing can be found below the pictures. Enjoy! Shamanicumpari Music Video Production:, Editing, Design, Direction & FX: Torsten E. Klimmer.Music & Direction: Herbert Quinteros.Thanks to Iselin Bruff for painting Herbert's face…

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