Are you prepared to meet your maker?

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Last night I drove from Norway to Germany in one go. It’s really not that far when you’re used to the distances in the US, as I am. The speed ferry from Kristiansand to Hirtshals took 3 hours, and the slow drive directly to Berlin took 8 hours, where I arrived at 5 a.m. before traffic. There were no border controls for entering Germany.

My first stop in Denmark was at a McDonald’s because they have free wifi (all over the world), and I’d like to give them credit for it. As a traveler, I use that and sometimes order tea, or in this case, a vegetarian meal. I had to wear a mask, which was unusual for me since I spent the last three months in Norway, where masks were not mandatory (to prevent the spread of the viral pandemic, which apparently rages on the planet and has already caused more than, OMG, one million deaths).

Once I arrived in Berlin, the shops were filled with so much yummy (and organic) cheap food that, after Norway, I was not used to it. Up in the North, not so much exotic stuff can be found in the shops, and if so, it’s not that reasonable, but it grows wild, like the most amazing berries on bushes and mushrooms in the fields, and if you like it, fish in the fjords and hunt wild game in the mountains.

What struck me most is that life in Germany, mein Vaterland, is “as usual,” apart from the crazy fact that everyone, everywhere, is ordered to wear masks: in taxis, driving schools, inside ALL shops and restaurants, in public transportation, schools, universities, cinemas, theaters, and even inside saunas and gyms. People are adapting to an insane world! How do I feel about it as a world traveler? I’m asking myself, how much more ridiculous can it get

For me, it feels as if Corona is a myth imprinted on a collective level by … (I don’t want to speculate) … someone with a limited perspective, because whoever makes the (man-made) rules – politicians – do not seem to include the bigger picture (in the decision-making process). From the materialistic point of view, I could agree that sometimes life can be freaky, especially since all of us do not get out of here alive. (More about the slippery truth is further down the article.)

If you think I’m irresponsible for writing and thinking like this, hear me out, please. I am avoiding large clubs (if they exist). The entire world-famous Berlin dance-music culture has been erased from the face of the planet, and if you think that’s not a big deal, think again! Coordinated dance movements with music and the creation of culture have been linked to being the basic driver for human civilization, and who knows which clubs survive this artistic holocaust?

To take care, I avoid high-risk situations, like public transport, where people are gathered in large crowds, mainly to protect my parents, who watch mainstream media on a daily basis and are terrified by the stories they are told. Yes, I do wear a mask. No, it’s not out of political reasons, but because otherwise I’ll get a fine, but I take it all with a smile (under the mask) that nobody notices anyway.

Learning, learning, learning! This is what we do on this planet and in this life. It’s so amazing, isn’t it? And how do our learning curves progress—some slower than others?

The interesting thing about this hilarious scenario of life during times of pandemic is the cosmic joke attached to it. It separates those who are afraid, easily controlled, and have lost contact with the source (of all being) from those who are connected to and guided by love—the kind of cosmic love that carries a higher purpose (reasoning) with its revelation and the (coded) healing vibration.

I love Shiva and am totally devoted to the divine and guiding principle, which works through the goddess (all manifested worlds) and thus through me. Om Namah Shivaya…

The Tantric Sutra I practice at the moment (from the 112 Sutras transmitted from Shiva to Parvati) is to recognize the source of all being in everything and everyone at all times. It’s magical what awareness unfolds as a result of this simple spiritual practice. I’m learning a lot, and I have a lot to learn, like how to not judge and be of service to all. Corona, too, is part of that bigger picture! Viruses and bacteria don’t exist separately from everything else.

What is real? Love is real (that one can feel). What’s the illusion? Fear is the illusion (and the mind-killer). So, be aware of that slumbering and metamorphosing imagination—what you feed it with and how you choose to act in accordance with it or not.

I suggest that you always think for yourself and feel with your heart (what’s real), because you can choose wisely, with love, and act accordingly. It’s really that simple to change your life for the better. And don’t worry or be fooled by your own trickster mind. Just don’t concern yourself with the illusion of separation. It’s a blinder to eternity and a great denial of the very nature of the infinite (being) that is part of you and me and everyone we see and come in contact with.

So, relax! Death to the physical will surely come to your body too, but the question you might want to dare ask is, “Are you prepared to meet your maker?”

With Love, Omananda