Are you living your soul purpose?

Time flies when you are having fun and doing what you love. Have you had fun lately? Are you living your soul purpose, and are you guided by the Great Spirit, the nameless source of all creation that some people call God? Big questions like these require skillful answers.

Do you remember “The Nothing” in The Neverending Story? The Wolfgang Petersen movie had a happy ending that is not so far from the truth when you think about it. The main character, Bastian, was forced to (re)imagine the world after it had been completely obliterated by the Nothing that stopped at Nothing. Since our world is also going to be exactly the way we imagine it (that’s a fact of life), everyone has to be extremely careful to understand what’s really going on. And what’s really going on is that we are all powerful co-creators. We co-author our story here on the planet at every moment in our interconnected lives. So, let me ask you this: do you imagine the future as a worst-case scenario (world war, annihilation, an overheated planet, pestilence, death, total control) or as paradise on Earth? Which of the two scenarios is more likely to unfold if you use your logical thinking and believe the story you’ve been told by the mass media, religious organizations, and your immediate environment? And how do you feel deep inside your heart?

Some experiments in consciousness are very interesting. As conscious beings, we perceive and create consciousness. Being born gives us the opportunity to question everything and experiment with our bodies and minds. Questioning and paying attention to where we source information is crucial! Not watching or reading the news and detoxing from social media for a while and doing (crazy) things like gazing at the sunrise and set, spending large parts of our time in nature, hugging trees, traveling and exploring unknown inner and outer territories, running around naked, feeding on herbs, drinking clean water straight from the source, gathering mushrooms and eating wild berries, mindfully meditating, creating art, stretching, walking, swimming, dancing and performing random acts of kindness will make you feel a lot different and certainly more alive than sitting on a couch, mindlessly consuming media, without a worthy perspective to live for – just escaping and wasting precious life time. If life goes to hell and paradise is lost, we might as well drink ourselves to death, right? NOT! Our collective conditioning goes deep, and one could come to the irrational conclusion that we are under an evil spell—a sort of mass hypnosis. But it’s not that simple and certainly not evil, because in truth, everything is one. What does that actually mean?

Naturally, we’ve evolved over millions of years to avoid whatever we interpret to be painful and harmful to us. Even Buddha started investigating life when he saw old age and death beyond the palace walls. He was so earnest about changing the course of his life that he left his riches—his entire kingdom—behind to find a way out of the misery. Even though he was materially set for life and was given anything he wanted, he was spiritually discontent and needed to find out for himself what it meant to be free of suffering.

The good news is that there is nothing real out there besides love. Love is the master key to liberty, freedom, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, healing, and awakening. It’s a fact that people care for each other. For every valuable piece of nature being destroyed, there are people fighting for its preservation, and everyone is looking for love, wants to be loved, and wants to share love. It sounds so simple to wake up lovingly and collectively from the survival story we’ve been telling ourselves. Yes, we have been limiting ourselves through the acceptance of collectively erroneous world views that are imaginary too! There’s nobody else to blame for our situation, however good or bad we judge it to be—certainly not God, our parents, circumstances, or the government. There are people in the world without arms and legs, without the capacity to move one muscle in their bodies, and they have created a happy life for themselves. How can that be possible? Because anything is.

Every moment of our lives counts, and an intelligent human being naturally understands when enough is enough. In life, we get what we tolerate! But because the pain of slow suffering in complacency is smaller than the pain of uncertainty, it usually also requires an insurmountable amount of pain to move most of us forward. That’s why big figures like the Dalai Lama, Krishnamurti, Ammaji, Sadhguru, Gandhi, Jesus, MLK, Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, etc. have gone through a lot of suffering. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But how much more self-deception, clinging to control, tolerating lies, being rejected, and being locked up does it take to make a move? The raw truth is that it takes your lifetime investment to spiritually transform yourself (awaken to the living, embodied truth). But it helps to join a family of already awakened beings and individuals who have dedicated their lives to spiritual awakening. It is said that the ordinary learn from suffering and the extraordinary from watching others suffer. This is not arroganz. It is also said that the ordinary prays to God (develops belief and faith) out of fear (usually when very sick or death approaches) and the extraordinary out of love.

The transformation from fear to love is not only possible but also inevitable. It is our soul’s purpose! All life in all realities and dimensions will eventually bounce back to love. It is the dance of the Nataraja that brings us back to the source—a fire so powerful, incorruptible, and pure that it burns all impurities. The destroyer of ignorance leaves nothing untouched. Thank God for that!

One of the greatest joys is living for giving while asking (praying) to receive the divine guidance that is insights and instructions on how to follow the godly will, a loving inspiration in the moment. It is easier to directly connect with the source of all creation when you know that God is not only found in the sky but also on Earth and in space. The nameless, formless, omnipotent… penetrates every living and nonliving life form and energetic being everywhere. The secret to connecting with that part of yourself is to tune silently, through meditative states, into your heart. When the inside merges with the outside, as above, so below, when reflection ceases to exist and truth (love) remains as a pure being, then you know you’ve not only joined the club of awakening beings, but you’ve graduated. Nobody can observe your imaginary world the way your authentic self can when meditating insightfully and momentarily—always here and always now.

With unconditional love and compassion, Omananda 

This personal expression came through in Leo on the February full moon, 2022.