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Work History of Omananda
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Omananda is the creator of LIQUID CRYSTAL VISION (

He has VJ'd since 2000. Most of his visual life performances have never been recorded. He is now focused on writing books and VJ'ing happens rarely. However, you can still try to contact and book Omananda for a live-show. (It might still be possible).

Some clips from previous shows can be viewed here and others at the liquidcrystalvision youtube channel.

Although Omananda maintains his independent status as a visionary producer, he has collaborated with the following people and organizations over the years.

Earthdance InternationalPlanetworkBurning ManBoom-FestivalSystem 7Digital Be-inDeliriaPsyberpixieHarmony FestivalUNIFYSri VastGaia Media FoundationNierikaSynergy ProjectKenji WilliamsCarey ThompsonLuke BrownAlex Grey Geomagnetic.TVThe Beckeley Foundation, Phoenix Fire-dancers, Bassnectar, Pheonix Rising, Anodea Judith, Erial, Gregory Sams, GoaGil & Ariane,, Erowid, Chaishop, Imaginify, Shpongle, Space Tribe, Jah Levi, Billy Rood, and others ...

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