Templayed Vol. 01 - DVD-Menus

Dolphin Dreams by Omananda [Scot Huckabay]
Light Waves by Omananda [Electric Skychurch]
Astral Unity by Phisonica [Phisonica]
Temple of Honor by Omananda [Japanese]
Soft Angels by Tantric Demon [Electric Skychurch]
The Prophet by Arcane Magic [Electric Skychurch]


The Freakshow in BOOM by Omananda [Infected Mushroom]
Sonic Ghazal by Omananda and Dr. Spook [David Battenfield]
Silver Froth by VJ Psyberpixie [Electric Skychurch]


All images, video, audio, and text, courtesy of Omananda, Copyright 2013

This Ambient Healing dvd is marketed though independent distrtibution by We are searching for new ways to market our DVD's to get world wide global distribution. We are going to produce series of Templayed and various other films and DVD's! Our music Videos are made by: Phisonica, Tantric Demon, Arcane, Omananda, VJ Psyberpixie, Electric Skychurch, Scott Huckabay, El Geko, and Dr. Spook. We develop 3D animation and visuals for VJ's . VJ Loops are included on every DVD. The DVD can easily be VJ'd with the "Play ALL" function. Contact us through the main web-portal of to receive a price list for wholesale orders. May peace be with you. ONE LOVE, Omananda