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Vibrational Sound Healing
Saturday, 30 April 2005 13:05

didgeridoo healing by omananda

Omananda drawing from 1997

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The most intriguing element about the didgeridoo is that it can produce a distinctive vibration while playing certain overtones that generate powerful sound waves, which in turn can be applied as a vibrational sound healing. Playing such sound coming out of the instrument over the body vibrates body tissues at the same frequency that the didgeridoo is played. The grounding and relaxing sound fields the instrument generates connect to the frequency of the Earth’s resonance. Tense tissues relax when correlated issues that exist within the mind are released. Vibrational sound healing takes place on sub-atomic and micro-cellular levels. The sound waves of the didgeridoo deeply penetrate the human body, and they activate electro-magnetic bio-circuits. Through intuitive perception, while using detailed prayers, the healer tunes into an area in need of cleansing. Listen to this vibrational sound healing by Omananda.


Disease may be of physical and/or emotional origin. Sickness may develop as a result of a traumatic, genetic, conditioned, chronic, karmic, nutritional, environmental, psychological, deficient, toxic, intentional, combined, or unknown origin. Any disease is also a frequency disorder on a vibrational level where the healthy geometry has been disrupted for some reason. On a deeper level, being sick can be a direct result of spiritual ignorance that expresses itself as being far removed from basic principles of nature. Living without listening to one’s intuitive guidance system, often in direct conflict with one’s common sense, and not being at ease and opposing what one innately knows from within, can and often does manifest tension. This subtle constant agitation might eventually lead to uncomfortable symptoms that lessen the quality of a person’s life and lead them to possibly develop chronic conditions over time.

Yes, as a short-term goal and part of any treatment plan, it is useful to immediately eradicate and lessen symptoms. Still, a symptom is often an alarm bell that can help identify responsible causes, and it serves as instant bio-feedback for the healer and the person being treated. Therefore, physiological indicators often provide crucial information that helps develop an understanding of what requires transformation with the perpetual goal of restoring natural harmony. To only lessen or eradicate a symptom is not paying attention to the underlying cause and if not addressed could therefore lead to further agitation in the long run.

Relaxation creates healing, as it transforms disease into ease! Playing didgeridoo with very specific overtones closely over a person’s body can cause their muscles to relax. When these energetically cleansing sound waves brush through the bodily tissue made of cells, cellular healing can take place. It is logical, since our bodies are made from roughly seventy percent water, and cymantics — the scientific study of wave phenomena and vibration — has proven that sound-waves visibly effect water-symmetry! Powerful results in many people being sound-massaged is not uncommon when working with the didgeridoo. A well-executed didgeridoo healing can align energy lines with the original geometry and restore natural balance and harmony within a bodily system and its ethereal surroundings.

It is recommended to receive a vibrational didgeridoo sound healing by Omananda in combination with a Visionary Coaching Session

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