These are the terms and conditions of our 90 day money back guarantee.

We are confident your life will never be the same again once you begin to study with us. We encourage you to take the first step in changing your life by learning how to free yourself completely. Our 90-day money-back guarantee eliminates any risks when purchasing our educational products.

If you don’t get substantial results from our online programs within the first three months, just email support, and you’ll get a full refund within 90 days. Our money-back guarantee on courses and workshops works as follows:

We want to hold you accountable for what you set out to study with us. That’s why we ask you to put in the required work, especially the submission of your homework assignments. It takes work to succeed! We would also ask to fill out a survey that will help us understand why the course has not been producing the results you were looking for. This helps us serve other customers better in the future. Prior to giving you a full refund, we’d ask you to join a free 20-minute coaching session that might help you stay on track. If, after these steps, you are still unsatisfied with our work, we’ll give you your full money back.