How to Free Yourself

When you think you know nothing, it does not have to be confusing, as long as you know who you are. To be or not to be is really one of the most fundamental and philosophical questions that could be answered individually only through beingness, meaning to be fully present and aware/awake in the here and now, aka nowhere. But how do we define the center of infinity and eternity? Is it possible to conceptualize…

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Omananda Spirit Science Film

Jordan River, creator of Spirit Science, the successful Youtube channel with spiritual Patchman films that attract millions of views, and UNIFY Founding Member Omananda decided to make a film about a Thanksgiving dinner they both attended. The evening ended abruptly with a fire that burned down Adil Kassam's (the Unify founder's) home. Omananda started a crowdfunding campaign to help Adil through this challenging time. All we can ask of you is to take 6 minutes to watch this masterpiece of…

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