World Peace NOW ?

Ahhhh ... finally, I can relax! Omananda relaxing after World Peace Day on September 22nd 2022 (Equinox) On the winter solstice of 2022, it will be ten years since Unify has been working hard to propagate the possibility of world peace (through inner peace). However, world peace is more of a necessity than anything else, and Unify has been talking about world peace successively during equinoxes and solstices ever since its launch. There have been…

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Who is Omananda?

Torsten E. Klimmer, aka Omananda, is a German-born world traveler, mystic, artist, producer, writer, and life coach. As a young adult, Torsten was politically active in the former GDR and helped (prayerfully and non-violently) in the movement that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Torsten at the age of 16 in East Germany (GDR) Torsten started to travel the world with the aim of liberating himself from habitual, collectively limiting psychological programming and…

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