Omananda Unify message for 02.22.2022

This is Omananda's video message for the world wide Unify broadcast that starts on 02.22.2022. Unify brings people from all over the world together to meditate on world peace through inner peace. There will be a 24 hour broadcast with the culmination on 2.22 pm PST on 02.22.2022. Register your participation (FREE) here: Watch the broadcast (FREE) here: Video Production:

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Join this! Global meditation on 22.02.2022

A number of organizations around the world are gathering for a Global Meditation on 222.02.2022. With full hearts, we humbly invite you to join and unify at 2.22pm PT. There are so many of us who feel an urgency to come together in love, safety, clarity, coherence, and peace during these times. This moment could be the perfect opportunity for us to awaken to the truth of who we really are and what is possible…

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Are you living your soul purpose?

Time flies when you are having fun (doing what you love). Have you had fun lately? Are you living your soul purpose and are you guided by the Great Spirit - the nameless source of all creation, some people call God? Big questions like these require skillful answers. Do you remember The Nothing in The Neverending Story? The Wolfgang Petersen movie had a happy ending that is not so far fetched from the truth when…

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Trekking the Himalaya mountains

The picture above was taken during the final part of an unforgettable experience while trekking the Himalaya mountains. I experienced sunrise after climbing a 5000 meter high mountain in the end of the Langtang trek in Nepal that took around ten days walking all the way from Kathmandu. The valley hikes of 1000 meter up and 1000 meter down each day increased to 2000 meter up and down per day (4000m/day). This was NOT easy…

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The inevitable conscious shift

The inevitable conscious shift is about shifting from power to love, opening the bridge to the upper chakras (energy centers and neural networks in the body). With an open heart we can receive the divine guidance in the moment. To ground that (bigger picture), look no further than where your heart beats. The following words are from those who have the power to change the world (hopefully for the better), with massive financial resources. But…

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