It is my 30 years world travel anniversary!

I started my first world travels in 1991, when I flew from Germany to Chicago. Read this story about what happened there. But yes, traveling that far feels like an achievement. I'm glad I extended the twelve years of my sadhana to 30 years of living on three continents: Asia, Europe, and America. But contrary to what many people would think, traveling is not easy! Check out the following pictures that show how hard it was to travel on…

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Qi-Balancing Circles to Heal The Earth

Qi-balancing circles are portals where the individuals serve as vessels and the group becomes a magical cauldron to transmit cosmic (and divine) energy that channels into the Earth when called forth from source. Life-Energy Balancing Circles (here referred to as Qi-Balancing Circles) were held at the ancient Inca civilization’s site Machu Picchu (amongst others), says Vedic Seiersson, a Norwegian artist who claims to remember them from a memory he associates with a past life. Qi-Balancing Circles balance…

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