Watch this Unify Video & Share it / Participate!~ JOIN US on December 21, World Spirit Day, the Winter Solstice and The Grand Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in 0 degrees Aquarius! It is a big day in the sky and in the world. At 10am PT we start the Live Broadcast, joining with sacred sites and ceremonies around the world. (Find your timezone here: 10:22am we UNIFY in a Global Synchronized Meditation, joining our hearts, minds and intentions at the height…

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Happy Solstice World Spirit Day

We wish you a Happy Solstice and World Spirit Day for this incredible year - 2020. How wild has it been? And for those who don't believe that change is happening, think again! Change is all there is. The question is, how and into what do we (want to) change? It usually depends on how we imagine the world to be. I like John Lennon's imagine and not Orwell's 1984. I imagine the world to…

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Global Meditation on Solstice

It's been 8 years since the launch of in San Francisco - our first webcast. A lot has happened. In 2012, many people laughed, saying nothing is going to change, but look at how the world has changed! Apparently, we are right in the middle of a huge transformation that our planet is going through at this moment. Synchronized moments of meditations with world wide participation is key to speeding up transformation and to…

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Visionary Production of Omananda

What does Omananda mean?

Om is the primordial sound of the Cosmos and Ananda translates from Sanskrit into bliss. Omananda is the primordial sound that creates bliss with cosmic insight. This embodiment is also a being-ONE-ness.

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Omananda’s first painting Off-Planet painted in 1992

Off-Planet painted in 1992 Interpretation by the artist: In the very middle of the painting is a little brain that's attached to a woman who lays sideways. Her red mouth points towards the sky where a crescent moon is setting amongst stars. The moon represents the goddess. The gun shoots into the brain of the woman that is part of the central brain of the huge head that's leveled with the horizon. This symbolizes the…

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