Voting won’t bring major changes!

If you think voting will bring major changes you might have overseen the fact that the socio-political climate in which the majority of the “First World” seems to be trapped in is poisonous to the ecology of our planet and to humanity (as a whole). So, what is going to bring the changes we so dearly desire in our hearts, since we’ve all been born with the dream of paradise (on Earth)? You tell me,…

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Are you prepared to meet your maker?

Last night I drove from Norway to Germany in one-go. It’s really not that far when being used to the distances in the US, as I am. The speed ferry from Kristiansand to Hirtshals took 3 hours and the slow drive directly to Berlin - eight, where I arrived at 5am - before traffic. There were no border controls entering Germany.My first stop in Denmark was at a McDonalds, because they have Free Wifi (all over…

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