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There has never been a better time to meditate, but if you feel restless or you are anxious and you think you can’t meditate, that very thought might prevent you from actually sitting down and closing your eyes and allowing yourself to feel yourself. This is why today, I’d like to share a few things regarding that. What we can do to calm down and relax into the core of our true nature.  If you…

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Crystalline Sound & Krystleyez Visions (Video) This short film features the Visionary ART of Krystle Smith together with the Crystalline Sound of the Crystal Mineral bowls played by Pamela La Luz - the alchemist of sound. Produced & edited by Omananda. This powerful Sound and Color Therapy creates healing for the meditative transformation of humanity. It's made with LOVE ~ https://www.omananda.com

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Turn the Tide (Video) "TURN THE TIDE" is a Visual Poetic Prayer during the times of the Coronavirus lockdown. It has been made to help turn the tides, from fear to love and so, to encourage people to transform. This short film is a co-production between Ehren Cruz, Krystle Smith, and Omananda. It's been made for the Unify Broadcast and it features a painting by Amanda Sage with music by Jochen Meijer.

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