Visionary Coaching
“Without vision, we are blind to opportunity.” Omananda
True abundance reigns when there is spiritual alignment, not before. Abundance does not only express itself on financial levels when it is complete; it also creates lasting happiness and joy as a direct result of the realization of what is and what is not real. We, at,¬†catalyze the process of conscious awakening that moves from the individual through the collective towards unity (cosmic consciousness). Many of us have experienced this merger temporarily, sometimes on psychedelics, or during spontaneous mystical experiences. However, any realization without practical application, without proper integration, won’t really make a difference in our world. It’s not a real embodiment of wisdom until we have stabilized the field of love within us, and proactively express it. Our coaching programs help with implementation, and our training programs prepare for the realization of the one essential truth, of which we are all a part.

Essential Principles on the Path to Liberation, the new book by Omananda, is out.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Healing Journey