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Humanity has to free itself from old paradigms and rigid patterns. This book points in that direction


A mystical near death experience three decades ago in Sumatra kickstarts the spiritual journeys of Omananda who describes the process of conscious awakening in the collective evolution of man through his visionary writings.

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Some time ago, I was walking through Christiania, the alternative part of Copenhagen that attracts many tourists, probably because marijuana⁠1 and hashish are openly sold there. Pushers belonging to organized crime control this area of the Danish capital. Many bars, organic and commercial food restaurants, as well as art exhibitions and work shops dominate this not-so-clean peninsula that has managed to maintain its independence despite the Danish government’s continued efforts to tear it down.


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Preface of my upcoming book http://omananda.com/poetry/book/285-trigger-factor http://omananda.com/poetry/book/285-trigger-factor

Introduction to my new book (publication Dec. 2017)

“Crystal Ball” — Photography: Omananda

Driven by a burning desire for freedom, I set out to escape oppressive East Germany as a young person, before the Berlin Wall fell. I left behind friends and family not yet aware at the time that an open secret points to a higher reasoning that, once remembered, could help connect readers to an eternal truth that dwells deep within their own hearts. My spiritual journey has taken place over twenty-eight years that were mostly spent traveling on this beautiful planet. Discoveries in exotic places and otherworldly realities are slowly revealed during this fascinating and cosmic adventure. ]]> admin@omananda.com (Administrator) Books in the works Fri, 06 Oct 2017 18:04:11 +0000