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Preface of my upcoming book
Friday, 06 October 2017 18:04

Introduction to my new book (publication Dec. 2017)

“Crystal Ball” — Photography: Omananda

Driven by a burning desire for freedom, I set out to escape oppressive East Germany as a young person, before the Berlin Wall fell. I left behind friends and family not yet aware at the time that an open secret points to a higher reasoning that, once remembered, could help connect readers to an eternal truth that dwells deep within their own hearts. My spiritual journey has taken place over twenty-eight years that were mostly spent traveling on this beautiful planet. Discoveries in exotic places and otherworldly realities are slowly revealed during this fascinating and cosmic adventure.


This multimedia book and artful personal messenger is written primarily for those book lovers who have never accessed the virtually unbelievable shamanic dimensions. Reading this volume from front to back will offer an exciting view into the visual, spiritual, and practical possibilities available for anyone with a healthy and open mind. Transcendental Journeys elucidates a natural progression of how I came to some unexpected, yet rational conclusions by living through unique life experiences.


Most character names have been changed to protect the affected individual’s privacy. All else remains authentic to the facts, as they were experienced, without any added imaginary content. Although all of the stories stand on their own, they may sometimes reference earlier character descriptions and events. A reader could theoretically thumb forward through the book to read a random story, but this might place its events and conclusions somewhat out of context. In spite of that, the important information in the final chapter creates perspective for the rest of the story.


There was no freedom of speech in East Germany and a truthful word when spoken can be powerful and scary to those who might have a good reason to hide behind lies. What is this truth that can be so widespread and worrisome that it has the potential to overthrow entire superpowers? Of course, what might be true for me might not be true for you at all and that is perfectly all right. There are as many angles to a crystal ball as there are viewpoints and we all watch the miracle of existence unfold from our individual perspectives. Still, we remain unified at our core where the true perceiver dwells.



Enjoy the ride, Omananda


The new book by Omananda is going to be published in December 2017. To receive news any upcoming Omananda publications, add yourself to our mailing list. Login is required to view and access all content on this website.

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